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  1. works perfect but one thing when a player reconnects his time just sets to 15 minutes not the previous time left? thxx
  2. same problem you have to respawn before people can see ur id
  3. This was made for metropolisrp?
  4. Dont use caps For Every Word please
  5. For different maps change stuff like tanoaArray to kelleysislandArray etc works i think? The maps name like .kelleysisland
  6. Very nice release but it's quite confusing, a lot of text is not even english.
  7. Also do you run linux? if so chek i fyou have all dependecies cd to the extdb3 folder and type ldd extdb3.so if you dont you need to download dependecies cant remember thec ode for it
  8. 17:28:43 "If you are running this on a client, Battleye will random block extensions. Try Disable Battleye"
  9. It says 'any' for health, food, drink but everything else works
  10. If you just dont place the object but still changed the arrays that should work?
  11. Alex

    extdb2 > extdb3??

    Thanks, i will try this out at some point
  12. Alex

    extdb2 > extdb3??

    Ok, but nothing in the mission? Yeah its outdated but i like it I'll try and look
  13. Alex

    extdb2 > extdb3??

    I was wondering what files i would edit, and what to switch from using extDB2 to extDB3 with older versions of altislife (3.x) to be specific
  14. It says in the comments of "your video" that you have over 80 members, yet theres only 3 on the teamspeak, 1 of whom are a bot. lmao. Also enjin is mehh, minecraft forum kinda
  15. What are you on about? He spent 8 months working on this mission file and video?! I mean, his internet must be slow since it took him '8 months' to downoad ribs mission and video..
  16. Lmao nice find. Also how has this taken you 8 months to complete, when your using the mission files from that video which was released around 2 weeks ago?
  17. Alex

    extdb2 error

    I dont use altislife 4.4 or extdb2 more so this can just be closed i use altislife 5.0 and extdb3 same connection information and it works i guess extdb2 is outdated so ye thx
  18. Agree totally. I myself use criticalgaming and a3l modpack files, but i dont claim any credit for them at all and i dont intend to, if anything i will proberly add a message that says 'Credits to A3L and CG for their awesome addons' or something. Now for this tool, it is a custom tool, which is very cool and its proberly a awesome tool, and i would like to obfuscate my mission file to not get it stolen by others, but is it really worth 6€ a month? Why use this instead of just normal obfuscation? I havent tried the normal obfuscation so i cant say whether or not it also protects from people using the mission on their server, if not then good job, and ill probably be purchasing this, but if it does, what makes this better?
  19. Alex

    extdb2 error

    this is what i get in my extdb2 logs EXTDB LOGS: https://hastebin.com/olidereqaf.pas Server logs: http://zenoxgaming.com/download/putty.log i cant figure out whats going on im running linux
  20. How can i change the weapon taser uses? so i can change to modded taser
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