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  1. works perfect but one thing when a player reconnects his time just sets to 15 minutes not the previous time left? thxx
  2. same problem you have to respawn before people can see ur id
  3. This was made for metropolisrp?
  4. Dont use caps For Every Word please
  5. For different maps change stuff like tanoaArray to kelleysislandArray etc works i think? The maps name like .kelleysisland
  6. I fixed by changing all nission placed objects (enablesimulation from false to true
  7. so for a lot of modded doors in the new update they will not open up it seems that some work but some dont, like example the pd works(but i edited the model not sure if thats why) but not a3l gates cl3_objects and stuff will not open too exile posted fix // 2017-03-16 + TEMPORARY WORKAROUND UNTIL EXILE UPDATE //if (getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (_data select 1) >> "exileRequiresSimulation") isEqualTo 1) then //{ // _constructionObject enableSimulationGlobal true; // _constructionObject call ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_addVehicle; //} //else //{ // _constructionObject enableSimulationGlobal false; //}; if (typeOf _constructionObject in ["Exile_Construction_ConcreteDoor_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteGate_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodGate_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodDoor_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteWindowHatch_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodGate_Reinforced_Static", "Exile_Construction_WoodDoor_Reinforced_Static", "Exile_Construction_ConcreteFloorHatch_Static"]) then { _constructionObject enableSimulationGlobal true; _constructionObject call ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_addVehicle; } else { _constructionObject enableSimulationGlobal false; }; // 2017-03-16 - TEMPORARY WORKAROUND UNTIL EXILE UPDATE But idk how can i make that work for altislife?
  8. Oh no im so stupid i changed the wrong thing :suicide:
  9. Okay, so i had some text ZenoxGaming Alpha v1.0.1 So i changed to ZenoxGaming Alpha v1.0.2 and it still hasent changed? I have tried: Putting the new pbo file in Encrypting the pbo file with obfusqf and its still the same exact text????
  10. uhm i tried deleting the mission from my mpmissionscache and it still havent changed ingame?! O,o
  11. i already repack it but do i HAVE to encrypt it? can i just change mission name everytime i change something like ZG1 ZG2 etc
  12. I HAVE to encrypt it everytime to update..?
  13. I repack the pbo everytime i change something
  14. how do i encrypt it and what you mean
  15. ye but thing is if i change something in the mission (example i changed something in the hud) and it did not update it ingame?
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