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  1. Hey y'all, time for a new landing site drop, feel free to edit/change everything to your liking. for-altisliferpg.zip PREVIEW e2Fm41RfGf.mp4
  2. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Are you sure? I just tried them and everything works fine, might be your antivirus.
  3. Thank you!, and enjoy it 😄
  4. Just like a regular site, drop it in your domain website hosting/server and it should be good to go
  5. I'v seen the "Oasis" name so many times in the last month lol
  6. Hey everyone, I noticed that the first landing site I posted here was about a year ago ( can be found here) so I decided it's time for a new refreshed landing site. 😎 DOWNLOAD > cubex-designs-altisliferpgv2.zip PREVIEW G8yMjmQcvg.mp4
  7. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Thank you very much! 😋
  8. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    It's not a mod, you able to use on your framework
  9. using Wix.com for your forums might no be the best Idea
  10. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Yeah that's fine go for it.
  11. CubeX

    Player HUD Image

    I am pretty sure repentz made that ^ but who knows
  12. CubeX

    Player HUD Image

    arma life's HUD is pretty much 70% the same just different icons and some text
  13. Indeed, you will be able to use this site with your dedicated server or a web server/host.
  14. Looking ok. although I didn't really see anything new but wish you good luck.
  15. CubeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    alright I will inform @Jake John he will probably will have a look on it tomorrow (due to the late time- 4:32am for us).
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