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  1. This is pretty much a template, you would have to do that yourself, but shouldn't be too hard
  2. Note: This does not stop people from rebinding their default action. To counter that. You can just use the same script but add it to the event handler for KeyDown or KeyUp
  3. This is a simple anti autoclicker i made for Project Silverlake. There isn't really much to it, and very easy to add to your mission. How it works, it counts up your clicks and removes each click from the variable after 1 second. Once the first click gets removed, it will run the if statement and its up to you what it does from there. I set it up to just log it as seen below. ClicksPerSecond = 0; //Sets a value to the variable lastlogging = 0; //Sets value to the last logging clickingstarted = false; // Default value (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown
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