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  1. Thank you this fantastic tool Bought and installed on our server and it works like a charm!
  2. Hello, We are a Norwegian Group which has began to enjoy Arma and it's life more & more. Our server is located in Norway and is fairly new. We base server on the Vanilla mod and only modify minor details, as the y-menu look, and other small visual enchancements. Our thought is to have a server where everyone can experience being a cop/civilian/med. We do have some rules for the cop role to keep things civil, eg; blacklisting cop slots for the relevant id's when missbehaviour/scripting is detected. Hopefully we can be a part of the great Altis Life comunity and contribute with as much fun possible. To our nearby geo friends who wish to join the server, alife.vhogs.net:2317 Teamspeak: ts3.vhogs.net
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