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  1. DEVIL666

    Green Island RP | Tembelan Island

    +1 Sounds good!
  2. Can someone answer me please
  3. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Thanks man !!!
  4. It doesnt work with mods any ideas why? i need help fasttt
  5. it doesnt work with mods any ideas why?
  6. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    I have 3 questions 1. How can i change the timer to minutes with seconds. 2. How can i change the message thing from central bank to something else. 3. How can i add a message for the whole server same as federal, and how can i edit this message. Thanks
  7. DEVIL666

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    i have 4.4R3
  8. DEVIL666

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    ok thanks m8 but is it fully working?
  9. DEVIL666

    **Working Cop Crush**

    Is the script works now ?
  10. DEVIL666

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    How can i add it to a rifle or mx 6.5mm for example?
  11. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Jail time [4.4r3]

    Hey I need help with the jail system. every time that a cop sending a civ at the first time to jail its teleporting the civ to the realease marker and its saying that he paid the bail second if i will try to send him back to jail with random time it will set the last time that the cop give him at the first time (example: 15 min at the first time.... teleporting the person to the jail realease marker and then the cop will send him to jail again for 50 minutes he will be in the jail but for 15 min like the first time....) it will help me much if you will be able to speak with me in the discord channel.... Thank Evyatar
  12. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Because its included in the gang (the gang aramnet and gang market)
  13. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Its not giving me the option to get into the gang aramnet and gang market
  14. DEVIL666

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Gang Shops are not working .....