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  1. Doesn't your notification system come from ALRP? I remember seeing that on their Takistan server, I might even have the files for it from when I was a developer on there.
  2. New website with SSL - https://centaur-roleplay.com/ Come check out the server, all information is displayed in the steam group and on the website!
  3. I wont be getting an SSL anytime soon, I don't plan on looking into how to scam or whatever. The payments are done though Paypal, the donation site literally displays the packages and a button which was made by Paypal and takes you to Paypal.
  4. Server Information We are a new community and hope to bring features that other servers might not have. We are still looking for Police/Medics/Staff as well as members. Website: https://centaur-roleplay.com/ Teamspeak: ts.centaur-roleplay.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/nRdwaw7 Server Address: join.centaur-roleplay.com:2302 Up-To Date To-Do/Feature List: https://trello.com/b/1LGJ2Un8 Features: Pyrgos Gulf Bridge (Connects Advanced Rebel area to Pyrgos) Rebel Checkpoint (To get into Advanced Rebel area) Police Checkpoints (Situated at main areas) Platinum Meth Oil Rubber Sky Diving Zip Ties Gag Blindfold Improved Spawn Menu Improved Death Screen Weekly Updates Heavy Custom Map Active Adult Staff Perks Shipwrecks Vehicle Tuning Seatbelts Custom Police Special Units Random Weapon Dealer Sit On Chairs Map Filter Autosaving Crush vehicle action for Police Patdown Crafting Debit Cards CPR Kit GPS Tracker Speedbomb Manual Car Bomb Timed Car Bomb Cyanide Taking a poop Placeables Claim vehicle Gangs areas to capture and earn money Suicide Vest - Deadman Switch and Manual Activation Gas Station Robberies Skydiving License menu (Allows you to buy licenses from one place) KOS Areas Vehicle Insurance MORE COMING SOON Factions: Rebel - Un-whitelisted Adanced Rebel - Un-whitelisted Police - Whitelisted EMS - Whitelisted
  5. Does it have three "../"? If it does, just remove one so it says "../../script_macros.hpp" I might have left the three in there by mistake, I use a different directory. I shall update the download if it has three!
  6. Author: Me (Josh L) Difficulty: Easy Description: Changes player tag to "Staff on Duty" when on duty. Dependencies: Toggle Admin/Staff Loadout Open "fn_playerTags.sqf" in "core\functions". Find "_idc = _ui displayCtrl (iconID + _forEachIndex);" around line 32. Paste "_onDuty = _x getVariable ["onDuty",0];" underneath it. Find "_text = switch (true) do {" around line 45. Paste "case (isPlayer _x && _onDuty == 1): {format["%1<br/><t size='0.8' color='#FF0000'>Staff on Duty</t>",(_x getVariable ["realname",name _x])];};" underneath it. Save "fn_playerTags.sqf". Start the server, join the server and when you press Shift + 0 your player tag will be set as On Duty.
  7. There will be easier ways to do what my script does but I wanted to learn things so I tried breaking everything down as you can see from how much code there is but it works perfectly as it is. Thanks for the suggestion though, I will have a look at that later!
  8. Author: Me (Josh L) Difficulty: Easy Description: On - Saves the players gear then gives them the staff loadout. Off - Loads the players old gear then gives it back to them. Download the file attached to this thread. Drop it into the "admin" folder - "core\admin". Open fn_keyHandler.sqf - "core\functions". Add the code below to the bottom below the "//U Key" case. Save the fn_keyHandler.sqf. Open functions.hpp in the main directory. Add class adminOnOffDuty {}; to "class Admin". Save functions.hpp. Open configuration.sqf in "core". Add "admin_onDuty = 0;" underneath "life_canpay_bail = true;". Save configuration.sqf Start the server, join the server and when you press Shift + 0 you will be set as On Duty. //Shift + 0 - On/Off Duty case 11: { if(_shift) then { [] spawn life_fnc_adminOnOffDuty; }; }; Extras On Duty Player Tag fn_adminOnOffDuty.sqf
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