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  1. Kieran Lewin

    Fog during camera

    https://imgur.com/a/6ZRZItX here's a day image you can see the fog there
  2. Kieran Lewin

    Fog during camera

    https://imgur.com/a/WbaBBhz heres some images, I know its at night but you can stuff see there's fog over the player when they should be able to see the island Fog is turned off within that game as well
  3. Kieran Lewin

    Fog during camera

    any help appreciated
  4. Kieran Lewin

    Fog during camera

    I have an issue in one of my scripts where the camera I am creating is appearing but with thick fog in front of it, even though the weather in the game is fine, #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_spawnCamera.sqf Modified By: KieranLewin Description: Runs the tour when the player enters the game */ createSpawnScreen = { if (life_spawn_screen_alive == 1) then { createDialog "Life_Spawn_Screen";_evh2 = (findDisplay 4023) displayAddEventHandler ["Unload",{[] spawn createSpawnScreen}]; }; }; life_spawn_screen_alive = 1; disableUserInput false; //freeze player if (life_initialSpawn == 1) then {cutRsc["Life_Start_Screen","PLAIN",2,false];life_initialSpawn = 0;}; life_waypoints = LIFE_SETTINGS(getArray,"WayPointMarkers"); _target = LIFE_SETTINGS(getText ,"target"); _targetPos = getMarkerPos _target; _targetX = _targetPos select 0; _targetY = _targetPos select 1; _targetZ = _targetPos select 2; _targetZ = _targetZ + 10; _MarkerSelect = life_waypoints select 0; _MarkerPos = getMarkerPos _MarkerSelect; _MarkerPos set [2,500]; life_tour_cam = "camera" camCreate (_MarkerPos); life_tour_cam camSetTarget [_TargetX,_TargetY,_TargetZ]; life_tour_cam cameraEffect ["internal" , "BACK"]; life_play_music = 1; showCinemaBorder false; [1,0,false,true] call Bis_fnc_cinemaBorder; life_tour_cam camCommit 0; 5 fadeSound 0.1; [] spawn { _evh = addMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop",{params["_music"]; if(_music == "AmbientTrack01b_F_EXP") then { if (life_play_music == 1) then { playMusic "AmbientTrack01b_F_EXP"; }; }; }]; life_count = count life_waypoints; // will = 6 _first = 1; sleep 7; closeDialog 0; disableUserInput false; createDialog "Life_Spawn_Screen";_evh2 = (findDisplay 4023) displayAddEventHandler ["Unload",{[] spawn createSpawnScreen}]; hint str _evh2; playMusic "AmbientTrack01b_F_EXP"; while {life_count >= 0} do { if (life_count == 0) then {life_count = count life_waypoints;}; if (_first == 1) then {sleeptimer = 0;_first =0;} else {sleeptimer = 15;}; life_count = life_count -1; _point = life_waypoints select life_count; _pos = getMarkerPos _point; sleep sleeptimer; _pos set [2,500]; life_tour_cam camSetPos _pos; life_tour_cam camCommit 15; }; };
  5. Kieran Lewin

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    so after looking at my life server init.sqf I have diag_log ed life_server_isready is equal to true at the end of the file, but still then nothing happens that rpt log above is the same as what im getting now, I will wait 30 mins again to see if any more errors appear ... No errors appeared literally nothing happens at the bottom
  6. Kieran Lewin

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    I have hosted a server on this machine before with no issue but this one doesnt show up on arma 3 after having my server running for 30 mins my rpt logs changed and showed me an error about drug dealers not existing I am fixing that now to see what happens
  7. Kieran Lewin

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    I have now started a new test of moving my mission sqm to a new file of the same version and trying to run it, after fixing errors like objects and markers being missing my rpt looks ok but nothing happens ill link my rpt and extdb logs below extdb log.txt rpt.txt
  8. Kieran Lewin

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    Mine is https://pastebin.com/1XqN7Yqh I found that taking EXTDB_SETTINGS(getText,DatabaseName) away and just putting my db name worked to get me past this, im now dealing with other file errors which is what I'm assuming is whats causing the issue
  9. Kieran Lewin

    ExtDB 3 Connection Error

    Is there any solution found to this issue. Are there any normal issues within the mission file I can review
  10. how did you fix it, saying it is fixed isn't helpful to people who have the same issue
  11. Kieran Lewin

    console error spam

    I am getting the current error in my console which is causing the mission read from bank spam to appear, RPT: https://pastebin.com/SHeEReWA StringTable: attatched I have tried removing mods that aren't needed and it still happens stringtable.xml
  12. Kieran Lewin

    Federal reserve

    I am currently working on my takistan server, I now need to know how to set up the federal reserve with the actual crate inside one building Land_hotel, I have looked at the tutorial and it doesn't say anything about only one building, only two, also it's only for moving it around altis not changing map
  13. Kieran Lewin

    Event handling

    I am currently working on a Takistan life mod where every one is used to certain hotkeys I was wondering which scipt is it that defines what happens when a key is pressed for example Y = player menu opens