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  1. And I doubt you purchased red's vehicles or have permission to use orgobyte mods.
  2. You will definitely get a DMCA for citylife mods. Thats what happened to Seaside county on the steam workshop and you are using the same map.
  3. @StonerGamingI am pretty sure it's changed now so you do not need the DLC to play on apex servers unless it is a Tanoa server.
  4. /* File: fn_deathScreen.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Handles stuff being displayed on the death screen while it is currently active. */ private["_medicsOnline","_medicsNear"]; disableSerialization; playSound "wasted"; _medicsOnline = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7304); _medicsNear = ((findDisplay 7300) displayCtrl 7305); waitUntil { _nearby = if (([independent,getPosATL player,120] call life_fnc_nearUnits)) then {"Yes"} else {"No"}; _medicsOnline ctrlSetText format[localize "STR_Medic_Online",independent countSide playableUnits]; _medicsNear ctrlSetText format[localize "STR_Medic_Near",_nearby]; sleep 1; (isNull (findDisplay 7300)) };
  5. Go to fn_deathscreen.sqf and add playSound "wasted"; Then go to your description.ext and in the sounds sections add class wasted { name = "wasted"; sound[] = {"\sounds\wasted.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; };
  6. Good reason to upgrade to a SSD . But that is a good idea if you are making constant changes to the mission.sqm
  7. You may not have your box setup correctly. Make sure you have everything port forwarded because I dont know what else the problems could be.
  8. I have tried to do this myself for about 40 minutes and I cannot figure out how to add a logo to the intro cam. Can anyone help out on how to add this feature?
  9. are u on a dedicated box or are you renting your server?
  10. Tip for people that use this method. If you are going to make changed to your mission.sqm through the Eden Editor relaunch your game without the extdb and life server mods or else when you upload it to your official server it will say it is missing dependable content.
  11. very nice. thank you for this tutorial! Quick tip: if you do not want to install a MySQL server on your computer just have to set to connect to the one on your normal server.
  12. will this work if cop extended skins is enabled?
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