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  1. Hi I did it like you told me. Sound level is rising very beautiful The distance of sound is not rising. Sound speed is rising. Sorry.
  2. Thank you. Friends of my main language is not English. I do not understand if it is not explained in detail. sorry again.
  3. Hello there How do I add this script to the Admin menu? How can I increase the distance of the speaker distance?
  4. exactly what the script is doing Would you give detailed information? Picture does not work
  5. I use Maverick. Do I need this script? exactly what is this script doing?
  6. class purge { name = "purge"; sound[] = {"\sounds\purge.ogg",9.0,1.0}; titles[] = {}; }; I've changed the numbers here, but the range has not improved. Sound Level Rises and Sound Accelerates. Sound range is not extended.
  7. I can not do distance upgrades my main language is not english
  8. I want to raise the sound range. How can I improve the sound range
  9. Hi How can I upgrade the speaker volume?
  10. How do I color the names of the players like I want? Donator 0 White, Donator 1yellow, Donator 2orange, Donator 3green - Admin - RED how can i color it like this?
  11. what exactly does this script do Would you load a screenshot?
  12. When I wear a seat belt, my health is improving. When I crash with a seat belt, my health is improving. Can we fix this problem? it was not like that before
  13. jpg olarak var. Benim psd olarak ihtiyacım var.PSD düzenlemesi çok daha kolay ilginiz için teşekkür ederim.
  14. Hello there Suva, Hatchbag, Hemitbird, orca, hunter, strider where can I find the psd file for these tools? the psd file is not available for these tools.
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