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  1. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    What about giving the money direct to the gang leader, not to the gang bank? i disabled the gangbank, so would be great in i could put this script giving the money to the owner. Thanks.
  2. Bruh™

    Statusbar 4.X

    Thanks for sharing! didnt work in 5.0... Fonts not found.. something like that.
  3. what is that infistar issue?
  4. Its 4.4r3!! im checking rpt logs now...
  5. Stuck at "Stablishing connection..." after clickin in Bounty List.. Anyone else?
  6. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Im using it since my first server... Would be great if rebels could restrain COPS, so it should work with mask script. Thanks!
  7. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    How I allow rebels to restrain cops?? Thanks!!
  8. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    Thanks Newbie... I made it different. A guy in discord called Erik helped me. if (license_civ_rebel && {locked _curTarget isEqualTo 0}) then { _Btn4 ctrlSetText localize "STR_vInAct_PullOut"; _Btn4 buttonSetAction "[life_vInact_curTarget] spawn life_fnc_pulloutAction;"; if (count crew _curTarget isEqualTo 0) then {_Btn4 ctrlEnable false;};
  9. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    All rebels are being able to pullout players from any vehicles... Thats bad, i had a civilian landing an expensive aircraft and a rebel made him crash just pulling him out seconds before landing. wound be better if rebels could only pullout players if they own the vehicle. if he is using a stolen car, he would need to use a lockpick, take its keys and then he could pullout players.
  10. Bruh™

    [Tutorial] Minig with shift+c [BASIC]

    disable input for 1 sec or 2, people use it in 4.3 version to bug the farm. i dont know how to disable, but i think its a solution. thanks for the script!!!
  11. Bruh™

    [UNIVERSAL] Safezone Script

    Im having trouble with alaskavet script... i have a server hosted by a company the only thing i have different from others players, is the infistar with my steamid in the servers file. then, i put all the markers (cz_xx). joined the game as CIV, entered the zone and started to shoot. Script was OK!! Unable to shot but, my friends joined as CIV, equal licenses, not cop, and didnt work for then!! Any idea?? Thanks!!! _____ edit _____ infistar is blocking those lines deleteVehicle (_this select 6) for players. trying to "whitelist" it.