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  1. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, this was made specifically for just a certain area I'm not sure why you would want it in the admin menu, unless you wanted the purge event. But I'm glad you got an answer to what you were looking for.
  2. I was thinking about this last night, I might buy Infistar and check it out. Hope for the best I guess.
  3. So I have looked at infistar and it looks quite appealing. I have a question for those who currently use it, I noticed on their site that it logs all admins and players actions, can anyone tell me if it tracks what the person has in their inventory or vehicle inventory? I have placed a checkpoint on my server for RP reasons but have some rules regarding it so it doesn't get declared on every 10 seconds by players just wanting to shoot someone. I've made it so players need to have a full vehicle inventory of an illegal items or drugs and are subject to a random check before they can initiate en
  4. I completely forgot I had made this, anyway this is the PSD for the range master uniform. I made it so the fabric and crease from the uniform is kept when colouring, I have made layers for each section so that you can easily colour them and add logo's etc. be mindful of the shoes though it can be touchy when colouring. You will notice a dark colour when opening the PSD on the uniform, this is to demonstrate the crease and fabric effects under darker colours. If you wish to remove it simply erase it with the eraser, just make sure you have the right layer selected. Enjoy! Rangemaster_
  5. Just wanted to share a comprehensive PSD for the IDAP Van for all who can't find it or don't know how to find it, the alpha channel is included in the file. Thank you to @JedINyte for providing the alpha channels. Enjoy IDAP_Van_PSD.zip
  6. TUTORIAL Author: Grumpy Old Man Modified by: Person2611 Difficulty: Easy Preview I want to thank Grump Old Man for the code to make PA or Speaker announcements. I know there is one currently for the Purge event but this one is simply for placing speakers in towns of police stations etc. I have tested this and it does work in 5.0 so it will most likely work in lower releases Let's start. 1. Create a new folder called scripts in your main mission file and create a new sqf file and name it loudspeaker.sqf and paste this: GOM_fnc_baseLoud
  7. UPDATE Okay so I installed a completely new vanilla life_server and altis_life files, the problem is still persisting. I completely uninstalled the arma server cleaned the registry reinstalled everything from complete scratch it's still happening. All I'm getting is "Request Received.... Validating." I'm at a loss, if this is happening with completely vanilla installed files and software I have no idea what I can do that I haven't done.
  8. They haven't been touched everything is still the same. I reinstalled the intro cam and it's telling me the good old "Request received... Validating" So I looked at finding the problem in the life_server. Nothing I have no idea where the f*#k this problem came from. I'm going to go back to everything vanilla and start adding it bit by bit, to try and figure out where the hell this thing came from.
  9. Okay so yesterday I was configuring my weapons and vehicle CFG files, I uninstalled a purchased addon from maverick applications and now for some unknown reason the game refuses to connect to the database, I get the old noob problem of spawning on spawn island, there's not "setting up client" or "waiting for server to be ready" but here is the catch. I have not touched the database, the intro cam required me to configure session sqf's in the core folder, however I removed the files and replaced them with the vanilla. When I load my server, the files read perfectly fine there's no problems with
  10. Try this. /* Adjustment of carrying capacity based on backpack changes */ if(EQUAL(backpack player,"") && EQUAL(vest player,"")) then { life_maxWeight = life_maxWeightT; _bp = backpack player; _vt = vest player; } else { if((!(EQUAL(backpack player,"")) && !(EQUAL(backpack player,_bp))) || (!(EQUAL(vest player,"")) && !(EQUAL(vest player,_vt)))) then { _bp = backpack player; _vt = vest player; switch(_bp) do { case "B_AssaultPack_cbr": {_loadBp = 30;}; case "B_AssaultPack_dgtl": {_loadBp = 30;}; case "B_AssaultPack_blk": {_loadBp = 30
  11. I'm actually making one at the moment so I'll upload it on this forum for everyone else to use, it isn't the best template but it's actually pretty decent.
  12. Yeah I'm doing it now, I'm not that great with photoshop, it's turning out actually better than I expected to be honest as you can see here
  13. Yeah I'm probably going to do it, I don't want to have to do it if it's already been done, it just adds more work to do.
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