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  1. Sounds good to me! I have edited my original post, to not only correct a few things, but to forewarn others that it has been pointed out that while the tutorial is redundant based upon the current build, it can still work for those who wish to see the shop classes closely to what they previously were. Once again, thanks Deadlesszombie, and Wackbatt!
  2. Ahhh I see what you guys are talking about, I'm blind as hell. Well then yeah of course, this isn't much of a tutorial then. I have mine setup as the following, so that I can make each class a shop, and keep it "clean" I suppose. Guess this just made more sense to me than the way it was setup, especially since the devs left all the old addActions in the inits and what not, one spring cleaning lead to a remodel. There's really no point in the "tutorial" then, feel free to remove this post. Thanks for bringing it up guys!
  3. Of course, I never claimed it wasn’t, nor am I adding that or taking that away, maybe I explained it poorly. What this does, is it removes all weapon shop addActions except for one. All cop players regardless of cop level use the same, singular, addAction. When used, it grabs your cop level, and opens the corresponding shop. Instead of having two addActions for two ranks(or three for three, etc.), there’s one addAction for any number of ranks, and shops. In your Config_Weapons.sqf file, you can have any number of shops, so long as they have a case within the fn_weaponShopMenu.sqf. Instea
  4. I’m currently headed to class, I’ll make a video or take screenshots. As far as I am aware, this functionality is most certainly not in the base framework. It was not when I installed mine, or any previous versions, ever. Maybe I didn’t explain it right, and can add some clarification for you later on today.
  5. Intro: Description: Tutorial: Closing:
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