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  1. @!TS JORDAN nice script! but cops can't seem to unrestrain anyone, any help?
  2. I did, and they screwed up on their end. not to to worry, its all fixed now
  3. connection info: A new server which is always under development with new content. Current admins are myself (DCactivity) and Aramatrix and if we can get some more players I will be looking for a new admin or two. Hope to see you in game!
  4. Is Arma enhanced movement compatible with altis life? if i install it to my server will it break anything?
  5. turns out im not authorized to upload files to my database, so im hoping my server provider will do this!
  6. cheers fellas, i'll try this now and let you know how it went
  7. i have not been given an SQL file
  8. i had this error, i had to add @extDB to my commandline
  9. yes i have read the errors but i can't make sens of them, and nope, no tables, the database is blank
  10. Ok so im renting an altis life server (which ive done before and had no problems), and when i go to join, the screen flashes between two messages, one saying that my UID is being added the the database, the other saying that my UID was not found. on checking the console, im getting this error "extDB2: Protocol Error: [0,""Error Statement Exception""]" and it appears as though my database is completely empty. any ideas? database log: 20-48-53.log
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