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  1. How do i use the conditions properly, because this isnt working condition = "call life_coplevel >= 1";
  2. Well, i didn't even know about him sending it. And he told me after. Which is kind of unfair
  3. The database is fine, its just the error what is making the Setting up client error. Nothing is wrong with 171 of description.ext
  4. Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\description.ext, line 171: /Clothing/: Missing '}' Heres my RPT logs https://hastebin.com/ogoyakuhov.tex
  5. Hey, dark, were you the owner of amarok?? if you are, i remember getting VIP 5
  6. Could i have two separate files, so that (eg. Market) and (eg. Gas Station) give you different rewards???
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