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  1. Here's some Unique map icons I've made for anyone who wants them: Drive download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BhIU6_nXVK2znd5gx6Z0k67Ul-H0-WHw Rep_Markers.pbo
  2. You must not obfuscate or compress on the pboproject tool
  3. Yes OVH is simply worth it in arma now adays since it seems like people enjoy ddosing, we've gotten over 3,000 ddos attacks in the past 6 months, almost nothing has effected it.
  4. We had to put ours in our core/init.sqf for anyone else who is having issues.
  5. So an issue I see on a lot of servers is night time is horrible, I found this awhile back and well, it does this: [Note: the level of brightness you add can be configured, so if it's too bright for you, don't worry.] Before: After: Install Instructions: Place this code at the bottom of your initPlayerLocal.sqf [] spawn { _adjustLight = { CHBN_adjustBrightness = CHBN_adjustBrightness max 0 min 1; _brightness = if (CHBN_adjustBrightness > 0) then {200 * abs (1 - (2 ^ CHBN_adjustBrightness))} else {0}; CHBN_light setLightAttenu
  6. THIS MAY NOT WORK ANYMORE So something has been kept hidden from everyone for the reason of them wanting there server fully protected and not wanted people to unbin there stuff, etc. I have been holding this in my pocket for a long time and have not told anyone for the reason of my things and one other server being only ones with EBO's. I feel like this should be released for those that would like to know how to EBO their addons. Q: Why make addons into EBO? A: Security; Almost nobody can get into an EBO's these days, and it gives you an extremely good chan
  7. This script in general could be used for many different things, such as reward prizes etc, looks good.
  8. Very nice, I wish more people put effort into their UI instead of running original.
  9. N/A

    Professional Looking HUD

    Yeah it is a big upgrade from the original
  10. did you do this: mav_ttm_var_relicReward = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward2 = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward3 = 0; in configuration.sqf
  11. it should save as 1 to the db so they cannot
  12. that's unrelated to the init
  13. there is a way, simply put this into a script when a player completes something to give them the second relic [true,"relicTransport",1] call life_fnc_handleInv;
  14. It will work with any server running Maverick talent tree
  15. N/A

    Professional Looking HUD

    Fadesound #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" life_fadeSound = !life_fadeSound; if (life_fadeSound) then { 1 fadeSound 0.1; call life_fnc_hudUpdate; } else { 1 fadeSound 1; call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; configuration life_fadeSound = false;
  16. SIMPLE MORPHINE AND BANDAGES [Complete] You may attempt to install this, let me know if it works. Basically, this adds two new items: morphine and bandages, they heal over time instead of instantly, I removed all other sources of healing from my server to make it more realistic. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TUTORIAL _______________________________________________________________________________
  17. RELIC QUESTING SYSTEM [Complete] You may attempt to install this, let me know if it works. Disclaimer: I have been given permission to release my work of the questing system added into maverick apps modular talent tree Requirements: Have a valid purchased copy of maverick apps modular talent tree What this does: Adds a questing system to your talent tree, giving experience per quest completion and.. - Stage 1: Find the 4 relics hidden around the map, bring them to an NPC for a reward [unlocks quest 2] - Stage 2: Rob the gold convo
  18. N/A

    Professional Looking HUD

    When will you people learn to stop quoting 50 line posts to ask irrelevant questions?
  19. Hey everyone, decided I'm going to start releasing assets I've made and or contributed to from Orion, here's the HUD: I won't go into too much detail on how to set it all up, just give the assets. Looks like this, + seatbelt icon in vehicle: hud_stats.hpp //--------------------------------- //By Repentz //--------------------------------- #define INFINITE 1e+1000 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_FOOD 2200 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_FOOD_RING 3200 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER 2201 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER_RING 3201 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_HEALTH 2202 #define IDC_LIFE_BAR_HEALTH_RING
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