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  1. Here's some Unique map icons I've made for anyone who wants them: Drive download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BhIU6_nXVK2znd5gx6Z0k67Ul-H0-WHw Rep_Markers.pbo
  2. You must not obfuscate or compress on the pboproject tool
  3. Yes OVH is simply worth it in arma now adays since it seems like people enjoy ddosing, we've gotten over 3,000 ddos attacks in the past 6 months, almost nothing has effected it.
  4. We had to put ours in our core/init.sqf for anyone else who is having issues.
  5. So an issue I see on a lot of servers is night time is horrible, I found this awhile back and well, it does this: [Note: the level of brightness you add can be configured, so if it's too bright for you, don't worry.] Before: After: Install Instructions: Place this code at the bottom of your initPlayerLocal.sqf [] spawn { _adjustLight = { CHBN_adjustBrightness = CHBN_adjustBrightness max 0 min 1; _brightness = if (CHBN_adjustBrightness > 0) then {200 * abs (1 - (2 ^ CHBN_adjustBrightness))} else {0}; CHBN_light setLightAttenuation [10e10,(30000 / (_brightness max 10e-10)),4.31918e-005,4.31918e-005]; CHBN_light setLightAmbient CHBN_adjustColor; }; waitUntil {time > 0}; if (missionNamespace getVariable ["CHBN_running",false]) exitWith {systemChat "CHBN script is running. Addon disabled."}; CHBN_running = true; CHBN_adjustBrightness = missionNamespace getVariable ["CHBN_adjustBrightness",1]; // edit the level of brightness here, set to 1, can be 0.1 to however high you want it CHBN_adjustColor = missionNamespace getVariable ["CHBN_adjustColor",[0.5,0.7,1]]; if (!isNil "CHBN_light") then {deleteVehicle CHBN_light}; CHBN_light = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; CHBN_light setLightBrightness 1; CHBN_light setLightDayLight false; call _adjustLight; for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0 do { _adjustBrightness = CHBN_adjustBrightness; _adjustColor = CHBN_adjustColor; waitUntil {!(_adjustBrightness isEqualTo CHBN_adjustBrightness) || !(_adjustColor isEqualTo CHBN_adjustColor)}; call _adjustLight; }; }; To edit the brightness, change the ["CHBN_adjustBrightness",1]; 0.1 to whatever, personally i prefer 0.7
  6. THIS MAY NOT WORK ANYMORE So something has been kept hidden from everyone for the reason of them wanting there server fully protected and not wanted people to unbin there stuff, etc. I have been holding this in my pocket for a long time and have not told anyone for the reason of my things and one other server being only ones with EBO's. I feel like this should be released for those that would like to know how to EBO their addons. Q: Why make addons into EBO? A: Security; Almost nobody can get into an EBO's these days, and it gives you an extremely good chance of having your assets remain secure, more-so than obfuscation. Up until this point, almost nobody knew how to make ebo's signable, meaning you could not restrict people from joining your servers with unknown addons if you used ebo files, now you can because this method is public. Step 1: Download the EBO Encunter by Dougemm https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cIynBLnBZib27aFoRNYrSwqcGYHU8n0M Step 2: Pack addons with pboProject with the following settings, if sign with key is off this is because you do not have a key selected in the options https://armaservices.maverick-applications.com/Products/MikerosDosTools/DownloadFree.aspx?download=pboProject. Step 3: Once packed, drag and drop pbo on the EBO Encunter and wait for it to turn into a ebo. Step 4: Now you should have a EBO File and the key which was made for the PBO, rename the .pbo part on the bikey to .ebo Step 5: In your server config put this in it, regularCheck = "{}"; Step 6: Put the key file in Keys, run the addons and you should be all good to go!
  7. This script in general could be used for many different things, such as reward prizes etc, looks good.
  8. Very nice, I wish more people put effort into their UI instead of running original.
  9. N/A

    Professional Looking HUD

    Yeah it is a big upgrade from the original
  10. did you do this: mav_ttm_var_relicReward = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward2 = 0; mav_ttm_var_relicReward3 = 0; in configuration.sqf
  11. it should save as 1 to the db so they cannot
  12. that's unrelated to the init
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