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  1. House.M

    Custom Cop Uniform

    @Santo so with this you are able to use multiple kinds of uniforms for each cop level?
  2. House.M

    Malden Life?

    Thank you ill try it out
  3. House.M

    Malden Life?

    how would someone go about converting or creating a mission file for the new map @Dave650. ive been trying to find something on this but not so far, can u point me a in direction i can try. Please and Thank You
  4. House.M

    [TUTORIAL] Teargas (Fixed)

    i tried on a raw unedited file and nothing. I'll keep playing with it and figure something out
  5. House.M

    [TUTORIAL] Teargas (Fixed)

    even after fix still not working for me, i think its around step #3, im using a fresh version of 4.4R4 and nothing can someone post an example of what this should look like?
  6. House.M

    Need Help with this

    Look im not the brightest person on this stuff im trying figure stuff out, IM TRYING and FAILING MISERABLY, ive seen them on a 4.4 nor 4.4R4, so im stuck( on every thing )
  7. can anyone convert this for 4.0 Altis Life. This isnt mine i would like to know if it can be done and if so can someone please help me with it. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23712#comments