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  1. People like you are the reason I left this community. Did you even try reading what I typed before commenting? I created this, it just uses their install system as I was originally going to have them sell it. Let me reiterate it for you and anyone else that doesn't understand this: I created this, you don't have to use Ryan's install system as it would be very easy to just dump this directly into your mission file, it does not contain any of their code. Thankfully a sane person who can read comes to the rescue. Correct, and honestly this isn't even that complicated. The only complicated part was the trig for calculations on the vectors and even that wasn't bad.
  2. Did this a few months ago, it uses Ryan's system to for installing and such. Basically you can buy a camera at the shop and then go place them around the map and view them remotely. Just check and follow the included instructions. There is a config for the number of cameras you are allowed to place and for clamping the angles, although I don't recommend you increase the vertical clamp. There is not a GUI or anything else like that as it was never fully complete, it just uses keybinds to interact with the cameras and such. As I am giving this away free and I am no longer in the Arma scene, I am not offering any kind of support. camera.7z
  3. First off stop spamming; second look in your logs it will likely show the issue; third make small changes one at a time and make sure each one is working properly before continuing as well as using some form of version management to track changes and retain backups.
  4. I got a guy from back when that I could hook you up with that should be able to help you.
  5. I had some good luck with versaweb although their support wasn't the best.
  6. There should be no reason to have any type of military in altis life, at worse a swat team to deal with powerful rebels. If you want to full military fights then you should play something like wasteland.
  7. Well that didn't help at all, perhaps you should use the debug version of extdb that shows everything. Also you should purchase a vehicle and then post the client and server side RPTS.
  8. You need to give more information and post logs, especially extdb and sever logs. Otherwise you should just throw some debug code in the script responsible for sending that sql command and see what is going on.
  9. Mikero tools has an encryption feature on theirs that blocks most unpackers but it is paid, something like $35 if I am not mistaken. His tools are much more expansive than just that though. https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files A friend of mine who contributed a lot of stuff on this forum has one as well https://www.maverick-apps.de/ As far as free versions go you can binarize the mission, but that doesn't stop much. You can either code up something to randomly change names and add garbage functions/manually changing names and functions. You can move functions server side and send them client side as well.
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