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  1. I have installed this and whether I use the action key method or Y menu method, I get no RPT errors, and nothing happens.... it just closes the inventory window or does nothing if being used via windows key. I followed Tutorial To The letter. arma3server_2020-04-28_20-40-07.rpt Arma3_x64_2020-04-28_21-41-18.rpt
  2. I forgot to actually add in the vitem declarations, lol. so it was trying to fill it with a nonexistant item. fun times. it's all good and working now.
  3. Okay, Now this is odd, lets me open the vault but nothing is showing....
  4. Bank works great 5.0 Framework, Just had to do some tweaking.
  5. Just an FYI Here's their rule updates that have happened since this Drama started: Not Allowed to Look for players using outside sources (So I cant message a friend who plays on steam and ask him to join my server) Not allowed to associate with rule breakers, so if my Buddy breaks a rule, or mentions another server, I automatically am punished even if I have no intentions of breaking any rules.
  6. Wow a Video of someone who is banned from our server.... Interesting.... Just an FYI, the players have tried to provide evidence against you @Step Daddy Savage and you threatened legal action unless they took the video down. You then proceeded to ban them and their friends. And then changed your rules so that anyone associated with a rule breaker can be punished, and anyone who tried to get players in ANY WAY, even just asking their friend on steam to go join their server, you will punish them. Are you afraid that your server isn't good enough, I know you paid a dev to do months of work on your server. And During this time of waiting for the update that kept getting pushed back people started coming over, I also noticed that every time I'd work on adding something magically your update would be pushed back by a week, and then magically features that we added were getting implemented into your server (PMC's/Altis Bank). We Re-wrote the rules that had been templated out, if you look at any of our SOP's they are NOT your SOP's and Haven't been since I took over. But you guys have had nothing but hostility towards us. Also, that Video you posted @Step Daddy Savage Was from your Teamspeak, and dealing with a person who is no longer associated with our server. So I'd really like you to Maybe stop trying to find more video evidence of me Admin abusing, especially since I dont ever Physically go in and delete my videos, so if they aren't there it's because they don't exist. Can you tell me how to delete twitch videos? I actually don't know why this is such a big issue for you. All we are doing is defending ourselves now, you are on the attack, obviously you must feel insecure about all that money you spent, otherwise you guys wouldn't feel the need to come and actively search for a point where I have admin powers on. Yes I do use ESP if I am on and monitoring the server. @Step Daddy Savage And as for the "abuse" to you guys while you were playing, You were breaking our rules, and were not listening to the admins who asked you to stop. So, we deleted the vehicles to stop the situation and get your attention, at which point you came in the teamspeak and proceeded to berate my staff and myself. You decided it would be appropriate after we unbanned you as a gesture of goodwill to come in and troll new players in Kavala, so we ended up having to ban you again. The TP to BM was to deal with a support case so he could comp them, as he didn't have actual comp powers at the time, and it wasn't even me. So you decided to report a staff who I knew was doing a TP for two players for a comp issue, and then got mad when I did nothing because I already knew why it was happening. So, Please, Post every video you have of me admin abusing, WITH COMPLETE CONTEXT Including any and all PM's I had about staff or admin requests.... If I can I'll give background on each one.
  7. @Josh LPlayers see this and they usually flee, they want ways around the rules or they want rules that still allow for some fun to be had. The reason our server is getting soo much attention is because the people who are posting these videos are from another server that basically banned almost the entire regular population of my server because they had evidence of one their biggest donators(and now lead staff) cheating, teleporting around and generally doing worse than you saw in that video, and denying that it happened at all, and just banning the players as they reported him, and didnt just ban them from the server, banned from teamspeak, discord and their forums so no one could even file a ban appeal, so their players asked me if I could set my server up and make it active, and I have been working on that ever since. If you ask the people who actually play regularly on the server they will let you know that these videos are the Minority, and mainly created by disgruntled players who got caught doing a lot worse than just using admin powers.(Read: actively trolling new players and RDM sprees). As for the begging for ranks and abusing, I have had to deal with that myself, we have fired 2 Police Chiefs, and 3 senior admins since we opened. I also happen to have an actual following in other games that come with me to the server, so it isn't hard keeping 2-7 people online regularly. Just saying before anyone jumps to conclusions, look for other instances of my "admin abuse" and look at whole videos not just clips, and look for context, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.
  8. @FawksThe reason I was targeting Elias is because of repeated bans he has already taken on the server, yes I sometimes leave my infistar toggles on, and sometimes the markers become second nature to me, I normally do not leave them on and if I am using my admin powers when interacting with someone who has not been reported multiple times by multiple people for trolling, I usually make sure they are taken care of in return. Did you see me in that stream attack anyone but Elias (I was attacking him to see if he had somehow godmoded) using my admin powers? I am giving context pre-stream, as I was receiving text messages in my discord and teamspeak about him. Just a little bit more context. Edit: basically I have given multiple people multiple chances when they have misbehaved on the server, when based on the behavior they maybe should have just been blacklisted from the server. Normally when I interact with Civ's unless they are in Armored Patriots(My organization that spans a few different games), I normally have everything turned off, I actually died and lost about half of my bank today when I smashed a jet into the ground. It's quite easy to make money on the server, and thats why bank accounts are that high, there are several people with 100 Mil+ in their accounts, I watched them grind it out too...
  9. @Zyphee So happy you keep recruiting children to make forum accounts to try to throw shade. Would you really like everyone who your staff abused and insulted to post their examples or troll your server?
  10. @ronny scronnyFirst of all, no audio so you have no context, I was called in to investigate RDM and a Possible Godmoded player. Btw Nice creating an account, just because you got banned to try to throw shade, find any other examples of me "abusing" on my server.....
  11. Here's how we fixed all of our vehicular issues with this script.
  12. nvm, fixed it, somehow a BOM character got in.
  13. 1:11:25 Error in expression <vInfo select 7),(_vInfo select 14)],true]; _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; > 1:11:25 Error position: <]; _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; > 1:11:25 Error Missing ] 1:11:25 File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_spawnVehicle.sqf [TON_fnc_spawnVehicle], line 166 1:11:25 Error in expression <vInfo select 7),(_vInfo select 14)],true]; _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; > 1:11:25 Error position: <]; _vehicle disableTIEquipment true; > 1:11:25 Error Missing ] 1:11:25 File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_spawnVehicle.sqf [TON_fnc_spawnVehicle], line 166 Everything seems to work except spawning any vehicle from your garage once you add this. arma3server_2019-05-10_01-11-18.rpt
  14. I am getting The amount entered isn't a number.
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