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  1. dexatrin82

    Vehicle Skins not spawning correctly

    Yeah that color thing came up after putting in the statusbar. and I have no idea where it's coming from.
  2. dexatrin82

    Vehicle Skins not spawning correctly

    https://pastebin.com/z1LNsQxi - Vehicle Config, https://pastebin.com/kNS6Mt6E - Client rpt log. Would you also Like my vehicle shop files as well?
  3. I have literally only added 1 shop, and added convoy sidemissions, changed some dialogs, but for some reason, police skinned vehicles, or custom skins from the drop down are not showing up, they spawn a default color that is not what is listed in the drop down. and The police purchases are normal skinned cars not Cop Skins.
  4. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    done that. does same thing., what files would you need me to post so you can see whats going on?
  5. dexatrin82

    Seatbelts Not Working

    Seat belt Icon working great, still sorting out earplug icon tho
  6. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    I changed that, and added the files as required, and I added the function file and everything, it still is just showing the faded earplugs icon, not the in use icon.
  7. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    I have tried everything to get this damned sound icon to show correctly. The earplugs not in work, but it will not update when I put earplugs in, which files would you like me to share to look at??
  8. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    Okay so Now I have it so the icon displays but wont update when I put earplugs in or out. I have called the hud update on the fadesound keyhandler and it's in the configuration file.
  9. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    explain what you mean by that, I have tried several iterations of this....
  10. dexatrin82

    Looking for some help

    Yes that helps very much. Than you, that is exactly what I was looking for. I am a special case once it comes to learning, I am a show me and I'm set kinda learner, I greatly appreciate this. Now when you say create a new mission and save it? can I edit one of my local life missions that I have saved(I have daily backups going back 1 week) and just go from there or do I want to just load up stock arma on altis without the life mod for the mission I am editing.
  11. dexatrin82

    Professional Looking HUD

    I know this is a little old, but I cant seem to get it to display if my earplugs are in or not. I have no errors, just that the earplug icon is not showing.
  12. dexatrin82

    Seatbelts Not Working

    yeah I have that, but it's only showing the off icon not the on icon
  13. dexatrin82

    [Tutorial] Statusbar 4.X

    I got it figured. Thanks.
  14. dexatrin82

    Seatbelts Not Working

    Now, If only someone can explain why it's showing my seatbelt icon as seatbelt off even when I put it on.
  15. dexatrin82

    Looking for some help

    I need some hand holding for the where to open the file and how to get it in editor and such, I am a basic code guy normally and the syntax's are new to me so once I see how to start and manipulate something basic like adding to or re-arranging the Y menu, I will be able to move from there on my own quite easily for a lot of what I want to do.