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  1. Anyone find a fix for things zeroing out? Or Should I look for a different system for that?
  2. Mountain Gaming & Armored Patriots Altis Life TS3: mountaingaming.teamspeak3.com Server: Non Vanilla Additions: Archaeological Digsite Police Vehicle Skins Multi Tier Black Market Gas Station Robberies ATM Robberies Semi-Militarized Vehicles AI Convoys Shipwrecks Realistic Tazer Effect Custom Paychecks for Higher Ranks Civilian Zipties/Blindfolds/Gags Planned Additions/Features: Proper Patdown and Seize Feature Placeable Objects for Police and EMS Debit Card System Custom Jail Escape Script Instead of Usual Escape Methods Growing Your Own Crops Weed Coke Corn Opium Tobacco Gang House Ownership Families+Gangs+Units Vehicle Ownership Transfers House Ownership Transfers Looking For: Graphic Artists Looking to Build Their Portfolio Developers Looking to Practice/Improve a Community/Help Their Portfolio Police and EMT's More Support Staff Bonus Information: I started working as a developer with a server and since have moved it over to my host and have been handed co-ownership. I am currently the only active developer however I do like to work my ass off to get things going and set up. I am Older than 25, how much older shouldn't matter, I have enough time resources that I am able to devote a good amount of it to developing and improving the server. Our staff is friendly, and we try to keep toxicity out of our city (😂). We are a very new server and are looking to develop a bit of a player base and staff. If you have any questions feel free to message me, we are running Altis Life 5.0 Framework.
  3. I will try what you posted and see what happens, as I have tried default and several variants and none are working correctly.
  4. I Installed this, and now when I run it I get the same error of : encountered instead of = and it's always on whatever line I put my class robShops on. So if that isn't causing the issue, what is?
  5. can you get that cell phone to work for the actual cell phone function of your Y menu?
  6. I just put a different switch inside each init, fixed the problem.
  7. Can You have both cop levels medic levels and licence based all in same switch?
  8. again, I follow instructions, and it doesnt work on fresh install... I'll re-do everything again but I don't know if it will work. I'm running 5.0 tho...
  9. Damned Hidden Characters, I got it working now Thanks to the BOM Bomb Thanks to @Imthatguyhere
  10. and I have no idea why it isn't working again.
  11. Here are my files. Functions.hpp configuration.sqf fn_setupActions.sqf initPlayerLocal.sqf fn_seatBelt.sqf fn_handleDamage.sqf
  12. I had it working, ended up wiping my server for reasons, re-installed same way, and now it just shows the option in my scroll menu, but will not put the seatbelt on.
  13. and this is funny as hell, but for some reason, installing on a fresh server it is doing the same things. I have no issues linking files if needed. Seatbelt option is showing up, but it's not setting my seatbelt as on or off. and just keeps the option to put seatbelt on.
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