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  1. How is he going to post a picture of something that is motion
  2. Currently all of our spots are filled and we do have one person already in line in the case we need another helper
  3. I, too like https://github.com/ColeB97/A3-Police-Database
  4. I personally do not know if this is possible as you would need to inject into the game to figure this stuff out lol
  5. I would assume that it is possible but i do not believe many server owners would enjoy this, as well as there would be no easy task to do this without injecting or something into Arma3. I believe WOW has an API which allows all of this
  6. Oh the flashbacks of countless hours I spent using been harris' framework. So many workarounds and issues
  7. Yes he could if he knows how to change it
  8. Please post and become a little more active, we will review then
  9. 4.4r3 is nearly 3-4 years old, it is reccomended to use 5.0
  10. Post error logs Also what is "<;p>" at the top and bottom of the file
  11. 13:57:12 Error in expression <elect 3; _projectile = _this select 4; _originalDamage = if (_part == "") the> 13:57:12 Error position: <originalDamage = if (_part == "") the> 13:57:12 Error Missing ; 13:57:12 File core\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf [life_fnc_handleDamage], line 70 13:57:12 Error in expression <fe_fnc_pullOutVeh]" if (pisNull objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (pl> 13:57:12 Error position: <objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (pl> 13:57:12 Error Missing ) 13:57:12 File core\functions\fn_pullOutVeh.sqf [life_fnc_pullOutVeh], line 8 13:57:23 Error in expression <createVehicle position player; sleep 5;  _layer = "normal" cutText ["This> 13:57:23 Error position: < _layer = "normal" cutText ["This> 13:57:23 Error Invalid number in expression 13:57:23 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\core\items\fn_itemStolen.sqf, line 14
  12. Scripting and map edits are two different things btw
  13. CallExtension 'extDB2' could not be found 22:27:44 "extDB2: Error with Database Connection" Check your settings for extdb and login
  14. PASTEBIN your new logs
  15. Look at your RPT Logs of your server
  16. Make sure you understand what he fixed for you, you were missing quotes if you needed to change the top, which is not the case
  17. Your server name needs to be exactly the same in the top line
  18. Your previous posted script had the ExitWith Wrong, the most recent has it fixed
  19. Remove TitleText Edit: NVM read it wrong
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