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  1. Disregard my message because for a reason that I cannot explain. I had, yesterday all day, as a message: link icons unavailable Sorry for It !!!
  2. Hi... The icons is UNAVAILABLE... Can you give it back or put it out from working scripts please ?
  3. Hi, There are many tutorials explaining how to install your server on Linux: Debian and Ubuntu are the two most recommended. Regarding the installation of ARMA III, you can use LinuxGSM to easily install arma3server... then you just have to follow the instructions. It's up to you... here is the link : https://linuxgsm.com/lgsm/arma3server/
  4. Hi all, this version of Altis / Tanoa Life 5.0.0 is still in progress ... is there anyone who corrected this tutorial?
  5. your installation mode is incomplete. Some details are missing to complete the installation. No wonder there are no comments on your script
  6. You just have to follow the instructions of the following link that you combine with this one... [Tutorial] Intro Music It's a breeze, try you'll see. Which give: fn_spawnConfirm.sqf
  7. @Fox059 Start the tutorial again, maybe you've done it wrong !
  8. @//TheRedEye\\ DK This is a screenshot 4 U ! ^^ enjoy
  9. @hypr, I guess you have the latest version of Task Force Radio: 0.9.12 ?
  10. Problem solved @Lylie It works now! ^^ The problem was copying and pasting. Symbols invisible to the naked eye, had slipped into the blocs of the script in question. I do not know what you use as editor, but I use Notepad ++. It was only when I looked at my * .rtp file that I understood that the error came from there. Here is my spawnSelection.hpp (I hope without this problem) spawnSelection.hpp (from Altis/Tanoa Life 5.0)
  11. Snipes Murphy, can you give us your fn_queryRequest.sqf to see how we must do it ? It will help us ! thank you in advance.
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