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  1. The person went around advertising apparently. I did apologize for this user's actions already. The false DMCA claim will be disputed as permission was received for all mods.
  2. New nightclub has been added, if you want to access update notes immediately join our Discord! https://discord.gg/3BYAZzf
  3. We have a new Discord up and running now, you can join it at https://discord.gg/3BYAZzf Our Teamspeak IP is if you prefer to use that instead (which you will need to use to be on our life server anyway) Our Discord is an effective way to know when new updates are released and to find out about any upcoming events.
  4. aight, will try thanks @XaFlaForo
  5. New trains added to have easier access to the airport from the main city
  6. ehm u can just copy paste the pic at the bottom...
  7. Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely find some staff to manage the server when I am not online. I will make sure to fix all issues as quickly as possible!
  8. Notes: Press F10 to show your ID to another player Use Shift + B to put your hands up Server is still in beta, report ALL bugs on the forums
  9. Some Useful Links Community Website: https://defiant-rpg.com Community Teamspeak: Required Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1688284060 Current Features - 3D mining system (hitting ore) - Plant growing system (buy seeds and grow cannabis or cocaine. Corn coming soon) - Customized illegal weapons dealer - Pistol crafting (different requirements to craft each pistol) - Completely custom made medic and police vehicle skins - 3 possible weapons dealer locations (you will have to find out which one) - Medics are able to impound any vehicle - Parking tickets (Police can give a parked vehicle a ticket which disables the vehicle until the ticket is paid) - Effects for when you take drugs - An advanced police database which acts like the wanted system but cops can search citizen names and find their history and they can add to it - ID card system, players are forced to make an ID card when first joining. - Rifles are very rare, most guns will be pistols - Police and EMS are able to place safety barriers - Repair man job, repair objects around the map and earn money for it - Taser with rope and sounds Feature we plan to add can be found here: forums.defiant-rpg.com/thread/server-features--whats-coming-517609 Note I am only 16 and have been working on this server alone as I have no friends that play Arma 3. I am actively searching for staff members and applications are available on the forums. I apologize for any issues with the server as I need to run it alone for now.
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