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  1. Greetings ladies and gents. Haven't been on this forum for ages, but it's time for me to come back. So out of the blue, we have decided to create a custom made apocalyptic Life mod. Most of the core features are from Tonics respected framework, such as police, civilian, medic etc, though the framework itself is custom made by us from 0% with skillful developers. Nothing is copy pasta, infact we can only copy and paste by changing the functions from life_fnc_FUNCTION, to ArmaX_fnc_FUNCTION which we probably wont as we can create them ourselves. No we didn't change nor steal any function in Tonics Altis Life Framework. We won't. We've got proof. This is still in development and will be, for 1-3 weeks. We are actively developing and we won't "give up" on this project like any other community does. Anywho, no one cares about that right haha. So we have a community backed server which is currently in development but we are looking for players and graphic designer(s). I'm not really here for "players". I already have my playerbase, but I don't mind if you PM me asking what type of server it is, or if you can join. It's open to everyone. I just need an active graphic designer who is willing to work for free under Arma-X server. This isn't an honorable task, this is voluntary and will require active designer(s) who can do certain things. Everything you do is given credit for. We will require that you do not release any of these designs made specifically for this community. Thanks for reading, hope to see one or two of the graphic designers on the team ;).
  2. Damn dude. I agree with all of this tbh. Some to most of these AltisLifeRPG members are just salty. They come on here, ask to help your community, they make you feel the "trust" but end up screwing you. Sometimes you get those abusers that want or get infistar and end up doing stuff with them. Example: Spawning in cash or vehicles, teleporting around, reviving and many other things. I left this community in 2016 due to all the crap that was going on but I am back into it with a secure team. I am a server owner but I don't understand why people feel the need to abuse. I have full infistar access yet I still only have like 68k in my bank account while people are making the $$$$. Ohwell, we will never know what gets in and out of their brainless brains. It's sad to see you go after what you said what you've seen or have brought to this community. Howveer, I don't know who you are, but good luck wherever you're going, David! Welcome & good bye to Arma 3 where the journey of salt and theft begins and ends</3
  3. } else { _var = parseText "No thankyou xD" }; end of it is missing ; lol
  4. It was something I found - I was going to edit it and remove the "Police" from their asses but a friend sent me .jpg / .paa files.
  5. We are looking for players to play on our server and help our community grow. Please let me know if you want to be one of these people. I would like everyone who owns Arma 3 to come on the server and help our population grow! Server IP -
  6. A new quick update: [Added] -Added Police + EMS Invisible Carryall Backpack -Added Intro Music -Added Intro Cam -Added Intro Text -Added Outro Cam -Added Lockpicks to Corporation -Added Stavrou Clothing for Corporation [Removed] -Removed Medical Red Backpack -Removed Morphine from Civilian Markets [Changed] -Changed Police Vehicle + Clothing skins -Changed Medic Vehicle + Clothing skins -Changed SafeZone from weapon dropping -Changed Police Launcher Price -Changed Rebel + Corporation License to $250,000 -Changed Gold Transport Goldbars to a lower amount -Changed Drug Prices & Outcomes -Changed The Map Informations [Fixed] -Medic Sirens -Medic Lights -Fixed Cop Shops [Improved] -Improved Server Performance -Improved Kavala Square There may be known bugs within this build, if you come across issues, please do not exploit. Instead, notify RastaLulz. Can be viewed here: http://clubhouserp.com/index.php?/topic/20-update-v3/
  7. A quick update to the sevrer. [Added] -Added Vehicle Trader -Added Speed Camera [Mavericks] -Added Talent Tree [Mavericks] -Added Shipwrecks [Mavericks] -Added Taxi Service [Mavericks] -Added Hunter for Police -Added script so police can ANPR to see if a driver has seatbelt on or not -Added SafeZones [Custom] -Added GPS ERROR message when your vehicle is 200m away (to increase roleplay) [Custom] -Added Gold & Weapons Convoy (Soon to come are drug convoys) [Mavericks] -Added Impound Lot in Athira -Added Wolves Vehicle Trader in Pyrgos, Kavala and Athira [Fixed] -Fixed + Added Taxi License -Fixed Talent Tree -Fixed Licenses won't be lost after killing someone -Fixed Huron trunk capacity + price -Fixed Shipwreck Spawn Locations -Fixed Clothing Prices -Fixed Civilian bug with placeables -Fixed Hatchback Dominos Pizza skin [Changed] -Changed Marker for Convoys from 50x50 to 150x150 radius -Changed price for van from $120,000 to $55,000 -Changed price for Taxi License from $120,000 to $85,000 -Changed price for Corporation License from $3,000,000 to $1,500,000 -Changed price for Rebel License from $3,000,000 to $1,500,000 [Removed] -Removed Police Hellcat skin from Civilians -Removed Identities system as some people don't know how to use them -Removed Cop Placeables (No need for this anymore) Can be viewed here: http://clubhouserp.com/index.php?/topic/20-update-v3/
  8. Greetings AltisLifeRPG Community, Our Website: http://clubhouserp.com Our TeamSpeak: ts3.clubhouserp.com Server IP: After a long time, I decided to get back into the Altis Life community with a friend. I think It's time to build and release a new good Altis Life server where it gets updated every week or two. Had enough of the admins ignoring you? Had enough of the terrible roleplay experiences? Welcome to ClubHouseRP. ClubHouseRP is a new server where there could be endless possibilities. We have future releases that are custom to us and us only coming soon. Our aim is our players, our focus is the roleplay and best experiences. We are pleased to release our current development to the public to play. We also welcome any suggestions that players might have and come to an agreement to create and build from there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are giving you a $75,000 head start on the server What we currently have on our server: Legal Jobs: All the defaults We have more to come, I am working on a new release for new jobs by Friday. Illegal Jobs: Meth Cocaine Marijuana Heroin MDMA / Ecstasy Misc: Gas Station Robbery Custom Skins Police Skins New Kavala Rebel Controlled Area (South) Impound Lot New Wanted List Identities (Can be changed when logging on a different profile) Points on your driving license which get revoked at 12 points Growing Drugs (Either in your house or outside) Many other things that are already in but I can't remember. Licenses: Corporation License (can be revoked if you want to switch to rebel) Our upcoming custom features: Custom status bar Uranium with radiation zone (For rebel license holders only) Corporation's own Plutonium mining Bank of Altis (Custom made by myself) Crafting Levelling / XP System Drug Cartel (For processing everything in one area) Get paid for capping gang hideouts + drug cartel SafeZone godmode, custom triggers + actions Police can ANPR to see the speed & if the driver is wearing a seatbelt or not Vehicle Key GPS showing [GPS ERROR] to increase the level of roleplay and stop those who want their vehicle back! Speed Cameras Auction Houses Bleeding Out & many other features that I have up my sleeves! ClubHouseRP Casino Uber Taxi System More illegal / legal jobs We have plenty of features that are to come within the upcoming week(s). We are always open to server suggestions! (Currently I am the only developer) Nothing is one sided. Every faction is equal! Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/Rrchkp2 Some of these scripts are not made by me and I do not take any credits whatsoever. But they might be heavily edited. (We would like to thanks those who released scripts in the scripts section on AltisLifeRPG forums) Please don't criticize the server. It's in early stages and it will improve, that's a problem. Instead, please leave some feedback on what to improve on. This helps a lot
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