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  1. Or you could try my solution: banning random people until you catch the hacker
  2. hmm. I remember fixing a lot of these things, including combatlogging with simple save functions. Sadly I never pushed these changes. It was something in handledisconnects. Anyways just try and add a sync to whenever you logout so it saves the gang like so [1] call SOCK_fnc_updatePartial; . Change the 1 to whatever the save gang function is.
  3. Yep. You can also change the name of the mission file or delete the cache each time
  4. What is the problem? error log?
  5. @Semprus Gaming , @silencedaxis @David As soon as me and @ApexNetwork fixed our website he fucked the database again. This happend yesterday and this is what he said in the chatbox before the database got ruined 10 minutes later. Ellis Smith Today 4:19 PM Nice Dedicated server you have there, it would be ashame for anything to happen to it hehehxd
  6. Check the EXTDB2 logs: "extDB2: Error with Database Connection" and AIs are disabled in the mission.sqf I think
  7. He did that to me aswell two weeks later he corrupted the windows server and fucked us over.
  8. Yeah, it is known, sadly. - TaW His name on here is: danny2718
  9. On 5.0 the request init is different, life_gangData = _this select (_count - 2); if !(count life_gangData isEqualTo 0) then { [] spawn life_fnc_initGang; }; [] spawn life_fnc_initHouses; };
  10. only thing is, the sound plays localy
  11. restraining when knocked does not work. Stop caring around people does not either. Also, civs get the option to size weapons:p To fix the stop escorting remove: if !(side _unit isEqualTo civilian) exitWith {}; //Not a civ from fn_stopescorting.sft (I think?)
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