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  1. We'll help you, but nobody will make it for you. You were given an example that you should be able to edit for a single player or make your own based on easily.
  2. Describe what happens. Does anything show up in game? Also, https://sqfbin.com your Client and Server RPT files and link them here.
  3. You are using RPFramework and not the Altis Life framework. This isn't the site for that framework.
  4. Honestly not sure there. To my knowledge it should still delete it. Are you sure you have the correct marker name for the delete?
  5. This isn't a reupload. That's an archive of the original site. The name and team info are still there:
  6. This isn't c++ at all. Anyhow, the script shared in the comments adds a marker/zone:
  7. You can still do that (it's basically the same here just using the condition for the shop) or just use conditions on a per-weapon level (which is in the default config): This is way better as you have one shop and the players only see what they are able to buy.
  8. None, it's not my script and I've done some bugfixes to but never delved that deep into the script (I personally hate debit cards as they are a way to make a safe economy that will be abused). Could just be a bug with the script to check what you have on hand.
  9. That's not how that works. You drop animation state and get the bool from the player: getVariable ["restrained",false]
  10. What about it isn't working? Any errors in your RPT? Where are you putting this code? Do you get any notifications?
  11. There's an old decryptor floating around that may do this, but you won't be linked to it from here.
  12. }; } else { if (life_has_debit isEqualTo true) then { hi> 12:58:36 Error position: <life_has_debit isEqualTo true) then { hi> 12:58:36 Error Undefined variable in expression: life_has_debit 12:58:36 File core\debit\fn_virt_buyDebit.sqf [life_fnc_virt_buyDebit]..., line 167 You messed up the install somehow, re-follow the tutorial.
  13. Didn't read my messages at all, did you? I linked to my comments on each pointing out the issue (with screenshots of the code). I had to debug your hud killing a server already due to all the loops. Both still exist.
  14. Where did you download this mission?
  15. Look for the controlshow lines at the bottom and remove the one for that button. You also didnt put the lines ABOVE the if, so it'll only show for cops. You essentially skipped everything and did nothing expecting it to work.
  16. Let's just skim over the HUD that absolutely kills all clients that run it due to spawning a new infinite loop on every update: And the loading screen with another infinite loop that is never closed: Why not spend less time fighting, and more time fixing those bugs I reported close to 2 months ago now?
  17. You'll need to send a Client RPT from when you tried it to see the errors. These things don't run on the server.
  18. I think he was referring to this post. Which is not, but most of this stuff does still work, though you may need a tweak or two from the comments on some of them.
  19. 22:28:04 Warning Message: Picture icons\wallet.paa not found 22:28:04 Warning Message: Picture icons\police.paa not found 22:28:04 Warning Message: Picture icons\medic.paa not found 22:28:04 Warning Message: Picture icons\civilian.paa not found 22:28:04 Error in expression <l]) displayCtrl 2) progressSetPosition (life_hunger / 100); ((uiNamespace getVar> 22:28:04 Error position: <life_hunger / 100); ((uiNamespace getVar> You didn't copy the icons or didn't name them in the same in the same folder. You also may have some issues with your life_hunger not being a number or something odd. Not sure on that other error. Have you modified life_hunger at all?
  20. So... If you can't script at all, and this dev will be doing all the work, what are you two bringing to the table?
  21. The pullout function may just be broken from that. As for the Civs not seeing the button, that's because you didn't follow the instructions: The way you have it currently, the cops are the only ones with it on the menu.
  22. There's a kidney item. If they buy this and use it, then they have their kidney back. You don't die from not having the kidney, there is just an effect. If I remember correctly, it may even make you invulnerable to thirst and hunger, but it does limit your max heath and apply effects to the player while it's missing. As for ACE, it should be fine, but few people use that, so why not try it and find out?
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