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  1. Performance Issue with this intro, you have an infinite loop that is never terminated and will stay running:
  2. I recommend you stay away from this script until this bug is fixed or unless you fix it yourself: The hudUpdate has an infinite loop with no sleep. That means a new infinite loop is spawned every time hudUpdate is spawned. Boy that money will sure be up to date though! 🤣
  3. People aren't going to do the work for you. Try it out and if you run into errors, ask for help.
  4. What are you running (version, where did you get the mission, etc)? What changes did you make? Also, SQFBin/Pastebin your most recent Server RPT. (I merged two threads together as you had posted logs in one and then a screencap later in another.)
  5. The icon isn't detecting if earplugs are in, it's looking for life_fadeSound. You need to edit the script for the hud to your earplugs variable or actually set life_fadeSound when players use earplugs. You also would want a default life_fadeSound in the configuration.sqf so it shows when off.
  6. Why do you want to run a server if you don't understand how it works and can't make changes to it?
  7. Look at the missing macros and fix the script or make your own.
  8. SQFBin/Pastebin your client RPT from when you tried this.
  9. That's only the Server RPT and you didn't explain what happens. You have many errors. As well as an incorrectly installed infiSTAR too. You also have not fixed the new position for your fed, causing issues with your life_server's init: Error in expression <y]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort; _dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Dome_Big_F"]; > Error position: <nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Dome_Big_F"]; > Error Type Array, expected Number File life_server\init.sqf, line 191 You need to fix that.
  10. You created your own topic to troubleshoot the issue, so please provide all the requested information there:
  11. Macros used in this script no longer exist in 4.4r4 and 5.0. You are running 4.4r4.
  12. The snippet is literally in the comments at the top of the file: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/fn_setupStationService.sqf#L11
  13. SQFBin/Pastebin a Client RPT from when it happened.
  14. No information here at all. What happens when you hit it? Nothing? SQFBin/Pastebin your Server and Client RPT from when you tried this and link them here. Also, I feel like these peaches are a little waterlogged:
  15. SQFBin/Pastebin your Client and Server RPT from when you tried this.
  16. Please use SQFBin/Pastebin for your logs and not the forums. It is very hard to read (I edited your post to put it in a spoiler for now). Send your Client RPT please.
  17. Battlemetrics vs InfiSTAR BRC? Battlemetrics all the way. The features are nearly the same (BRC can enforce InfiSTAR Global Bans, but so can infiSTAR A3 if you use that) but Battlemetrics is online and nobody needs to get your RCon password. You can add however many people you want to your BM organization and they don't need software or anything to kick/ban and everything else. Plus ban sharing is great with BM and you can do org-wide bans across all of your servers and send alerts for downtime. Also triggers so events can cause messages or players can user commands to display info via Admin Chat.
  18. It's a mod that adds some map icons that you would use like any other map icons.
  19. Just diag_log what the output of your getVariables are and see what is actually being returned. Basic debugging should help you figure out what went wrong.
  20. I believe SpyGlass already has functionality for this, just remove the ones you want closed from the "_validMenus" array: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/dc9eeb5eecc410d5205780d864fab6440b6ef1ca/Altis_Life.Altis/SpyGlass/fn_cmdMenuCheck.sqf#L12
  21. Emphasis on you working on the script though @lukinhasbr56. Nobody here will design it for you. If you have issues and need help, you can ask then and people will do what they can to help out.
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