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  1. No, that's a condition to exit the script. That would mean only EMS would use that exit.
  2. Pastebin your keyHandler and a Client RPT from when you tried it.
  3. Change this: { if (player inArea _x) then { deleteVehicle _projectile; ["Stop firing in the safezone!","Stop Firing!"] spawn BIS_fnc_guiMessage; }; }forEach life_safezones; To: { if (player inArea _x) then { if !(playerSide isEqualTo west && {currentWeapon player in ["hgun_P07_snds_F", "arifle_SDAR_F"]} && {_projectile in ["B_9x21_Ball","B_556x45_dual"]}) then { deleteVehicle _projectile; ["Stop firing in the safezone!","Stop Firing!"] spawn BIS_fnc_guiMessage; }; }; } forEach life_safezones;
  4. You can try to Pastebin another Server and Client RPT from when you tried it, but if there's no errors again, it sounds like this one isn't going to work for you.
  5. In your config you can add a line to disable it: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting
  6. Look at the other ifs right where I'm talking about. I won't do the work for you. If the string you are sending is supposed to match one in vehicleAnimate, what function could it be?
  7. Those are 3 of the most important logs. The Client RPT is in "%localappdata%\Arma 3" and the Server RPT is in whatever folder you defined as "-profiles" in your startup parameters. They are timestamped based on when you started ARMA 3. extDB3 logs are in your @extDB3 folder in a log folder.
  8. ["Information", format [localize "STR_Licensing_car_making", _counter"]] call UPM_fnc_showNotification;
  9. Make a completely different if in spawnVehicle and then add a new case like "med_ambulance" or something like that in vehicleAnimate and remoteExec the function with that being sent instead from the new if in spawnVehicle.
  10. What exactly do you do to cause this? Is this when you choose a spawn location and spawn or just when you join off of a slot? Please pastebin your Client and Server RPT files from when you tried it as well.
  11. You edited this: if ((_vInfo select 1) isEqualTo "med" && (_vInfo select 2) in ["C_Offroad_01_F","C_SUV_01_F","C_Hatchback_01_sport_F", "C_Van_02_medevac_F"]) then { [_vehicle,"med_offroad",true] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_vehicleAnimate",_unit]; }; Which means you are sending "med_offroad" to the vehicleAnimate function. Which means this will never happen: case "C_Van_02_medevac_F": { _vehicle animate ["reflective_tape_hide",1]; }; It will instead run this: case "med_offroad": { _vehicle animate ["HidePolice", 0]; _vehicle setVariable ["lights",false,true]; };
  12. It already exists, you can just do something like this: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/life_server/Functions/Systems/fn_cleanup.sqf#L57
  13. To be fair to the report, for the medic distance one, that would be there regardless of there being no medics online. It'd still list the default. If you are going to release something untested, incomplete, and/or possibly non-working, you should probably put a disclaimer on the OP.
  14. That's not your Client RPT. They are on your PC in "%localappdata%\Arma 3". You need to find the one that matches when you started ARMA 3 to test it.
  15. I'm not quite sure what you mean, but the message you got only happens if you don't have enough of the item in your inventory to put in the vehicle somehow. Pastebin a Client RPT from when you tried it and maybe it'll say why.
  16. Well, 5.5 doesn't exist, so please use 5.0 😁
  17. What happens when you use the item? Does nothing happen? Does the item get removed?
  18. It's not, it's with the install. At some point they added a new base/core and it asks you to include a file in a different place. OP likely has 2 includes for the same file in their description.ext.
  19. What does this mean? Do you want a bleedout system? Do you want people to be able to drag bodies? Do you want to slow movement more when players are damaged?
  20. Then you should pastebin your Client and Server RPTs as well as your extDB3 log.
  21. What does this mean? You could extend the serverside cleanup script to handle piles too, but that means if a player dies in the open, without other players, it would delete the cash before they could get it back.
  22. That's how you would do it. Did you get any errors when you did it? Please pastebin the file you edited.
  23. Add an if for your vehicle with the others at the bottom of that file and with a new string, then create that case matching the string in: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/config/fn_vehicleAnimate.sqf#L29
  24. I don't see anything in the loop to update this. So if it says "MEDIC: SCRIPT NOT WORKING" that's because it wasn't scripted to do otherwise. IDC 7305 is never referenced in the script to change the text.
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