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  1. imthatguyhere

    Best way to learn SQF

    It's the best way to go IMO. If you mean in reference to Altis Life, walk through things and see what they do. Look for a single thing, and trace back all of the functions to see how everything connects. Lots you can learn from that.
  2. imthatguyhere

    [TUTORIAL] Material Spawn Menu UI

    Pastebin the file that is listed in the error.
  3. imthatguyhere

    Unable to change marker location

    If you wanted it to run from the server side, you would make a function and then remoteExec it to run on the server.
  4. imthatguyhere

    Unable to change marker location

    The only functional difference would be that your client was the server when you launched it on your PC. To recreate that, you could make a function to do the changes you want on the server side, then the client addAction would remoteExec that function to cause the server to do the changes.
  5. imthatguyhere

    Unable to change marker location

    What is the issue you are having?
  6. imthatguyhere


    Did you do this? :
  7. imthatguyhere

    Unable to change marker location

    That's not really what it does: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec It goes what it says, it executes a function on target clients.
  8. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] BEC auto reboot 6h + messages

  9. imthatguyhere

    [TUTORIAL] Customization of Lights! (COP & EMS)

    There is plenty you need to edit for this: The vehicle needs to be in your keyhandler: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/functions/fn_keyHandler.sqf#L203 It needs to be in the array for medicSirensLights: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/medical/fn_medicSirenLights.sqf#L14 Multiple switches need your vehicle in medicLights: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/medical/fn_medicLights.sqf#L26
  10. imthatguyhere

    Best Server Hosting

    Also a solid host, but their hardware tends to have lower CPU Clock Speed which isn't ideal for Arma 3. They are good at dealing with most common DDoS methods though.
  11. imthatguyhere

    Fast mission testing method

    Repacking the PBO doesn't take more than a second, so I doubt that is really an issue. I also wouldn't recommend using any home connection to host a server. It's likely against your ISP's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy and your first DDoS attack will really ruin your fun.
  12. imthatguyhere

    Virtual + Physical Inventory - Tutorial 5.0

    So you resolved that last error? If so, pastebin a client RPT from when you try it and it doesn't work.
  13. imthatguyhere

    extDB3: Error Unknown Protocol

    I would suggest using the latest version of 5.0 and starting from there. You wouldn't have these issues. If you really want to continue with this, pastebin your "life_server/Functions/MySQL/fn_queryRequest.sqf" and "life_server/Functions/MySQL/fn_asyncCall.sqf".
  14. imthatguyhere

    extDB3: Error Unknown Protocol

    Where did you get the files for your server? Is this a new server?
  15. imthatguyhere

    Virtual + Physical Inventory - Tutorial 5.0

    Pastebin your "Mission\Dialog\Player_Inv.hpp".