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  1. What version of Altis Life is this and where did you download the mission/server from?
  2. 5.0 had a commit to fix that issue: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/commit/b7c1cbc7586319e823d2e7851d4c072e875eca44
  3. No help found then because you clearly don't have a server, database or Arma 3.
  4. Feel free. It's the connection info or that user and password if you get that message. We have a Discord as well so feel free to join it. Plenty of people are around there as well to help.
  5. So your password is wrong in the extDB2 config.
  6. That's not Pastebin, but: CallExtension loaded: extDB2 (D:\TCAFiles\Users\thomass\81875\@extDB2\extDB2.dll) [] [] "extDB: Version: 66" "extDB: Error with Database Connection" There should be logs if it got that far.
  7. Pastebin your Server RPT, Client RPT and extDB logs from when you tried it and got that error.
  8. Class as in a class name (vehicles/objects being spawned as a simple object). You'd need a mod to do that on the client afaik.
  9. RPT logs are wherever your -profiles folder is (set in your startup parameters). Just look for files labeled .RPT.
  10. 1.44 isn't a thing and also wouldn't be running extDB2 if it was. Where's that RPT and the extDB logs?
  11. Which is why in that thread would be a good place to ask.
  12. Not that I am aware of. There are some paid ones around. Your best bet would be asking on that forum, but I'd say you didn't copy the files from the attached zip or you didn't put them in the right place.
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