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  1. Is that object from a mod? What options did you select in the editor? What did you put in the init of the object?
  2. What vehicle and what walls/doors? That doesn't happen by default, it would need to destroy the walls first.
  3. Are you saying you added it in the init, or you are adding rating in the mission based on slot names? It'd be better to do so from the initcop for example with "player addRating _int;".
  4. I helped you in Discord. You were using the wrong texture paths.
  5. You have to make sure you copied all objects over, then update the locations of things like the fed in scripts. Look for terrainSort in your scripts for where to update. Many configs (like spawn-points) have classes with the worldname that you need to add now too (just like is there with Altis and Tanoa). This tutorial covers a fair bit of it:
  6. I think you are mistaking us for whatever server you were playing on. These are support forums for people running Life Servers. We don't run any servers.
  7. I honestly don't remember. There may be something in the sqm (check in Eden Editor) to increase the spawns there.
  8. Your mission is trying to use extdb though. Download the actual 5.0 off of the official repo and start from there.
  9. Yeah it seems like another script is using the same button and disabling it on that menu. Just add a new button.
  10. https://sqfbin.com the entire sqf file and link it here.
  11. CallExtension 'extDB' could not be found "extDB: Version: " "extDB: Error checked extDB/logs for more info" Your server is looking for a really old version of extdb. You should start with a fresh copy of 5.0 from the master branch.
  12. He's saying you'd make them unconscious like a bleedout script. As it is currently, a few seconds after you die, you are actually on the respawn island or wherever your slots/spawns are and viewing a camera on your old body, so talking would be talking on the island iirc.
  13. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/commit/b7c1cbc7586319e823d2e7851d4c072e875eca44 ^ That's what is causing the popup. There were changes to TON_fnc_updateGang now having a callback to open the ATM as everything to do with gang-banking was put serverside to stop exploits. To properly fix this script you'd have to edit it to pass something stopping that callback (so it knows it's from this script and not a regular update).
  14. Look at it? @AngryHerring ッ ®™ good catch! You have a missing ")" and a "&quot" instead of ".
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