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  1. Do you need a copyright line on a banner, let alone one with the same name in a giant font?
  2. At least you got it figured out on your own. 🧐
  3. imthatguyhere

    parking ticket script

    Why? Wrong name, but sure. Use it then? Honestly I wouldn't have cared until I saw the full script, but you mentioned me. 😄
  4. Hastebin seems to be having some issues and won't load, can you Pastebin these or use another similar site?
  5. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    It depends on the amount of players currently on the server. The time is in "mission\core\civilian\fn_demoChargeTimer.sqf" and "life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_handleBlastingCharge.sqf" by default. Since this copies that, It should be "fn_demoChargeTimerBank.sqf" and "fn_handleBlastingChargeBank.sqf" respectively. I believe those are the only 2 places the time would need to be changed.
  6. imthatguyhere

    Best Server Hosting

    They've claimed 2Gbps DDoS mitigation before, but they essentially have none and don't advertise that they do. From experience, if you get attacked to the point it would affect other servers on your shared connection, you will get a null-route until the attack stops. Sounds like your "kids" were more bark than bite.
  7. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Found it. You removed the class for terrainSort in the config.cpp in life_server. Fixed file: config.cpp
  8. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Your original contained a bunch of UTF BOM characters in the middle. That'll cause Arma to freak out most of the time it seems.
  9. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Try this file: config.cpp If it still gives you issues, post a new server RPT and fn_handleBlastingChargeBank.sqf.
  10. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Get rid of the comment you added and try again.
  11. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Correct, but it was giving the error so I wanted to make sure. I actually needed your config.cpp from life_server as well.
  12. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    That's default, so you likely messed up in the functions.hpp somewhere. Upload that file and a server RPT while this was happening.
  13. imthatguyhere

    police shop

    Not sure why you are doing it this way at all, but I don't see errors in the top part, just bad practices and non-optimal code (why the differing uniforms and ifs all over the place with the skin being set it it matches when you could use a variable with one setObjectTextureGlobal at the end and reorganize it). For the medic stuff, only the rangemaster has actual textures applied to it, as there's no file in the path of the Else block.
  14. imthatguyhere

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    Post up your "core\fn_initCiv.sqf", I attached is the cleaned federal update. fn_federalUpdate.sqf