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  1. Maihym

    Best way to learn SQF

    Here's what I think you should do. Have a goal, have something that you're very eager to make or edit. Then think in simplistic terms as to what is required of you to make that goal happen. Now just look up commands or look through other code in the mission that you think could accomplish those simplistic tasks. Then before you know it you'll have a function 😊
  2. Maihym

    Fix For The Gang Bank Dupe

    See I personally don't like fixes like these because they take functionality out of the game. I recommend you try finding another fix but otherwise not bad.
  3. Maihym

    Help With Linking Multiple Gates to One Opening Script

    Do you want a complex way or a simple way? Complex way : _gates = [gate1, gate2, gate3]; { _x animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; } forEach _gates; Simple way: gate1 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] ; gate2 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] ; gate3 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] ; gate4 animate ["Door_1_rot", 1] ;
  4. Maihym

    [Release] Timed Bomb

    Can you make screenshots or a video example of the explosion?
  5. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    I also have my NPC loaded in through a file that gets executed rather than directly in the mission.
  6. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    I didn't update it on here but on my personal version I have the initFunctions running on preInit. This may solve your issue.
  7. Maihym

    [RELEASE] Improved automatic messages

    Can you post a screenshot or video of an example of this.
  8. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Thanks for the support and all but I wouldn't even bother. There's no point in trying to convince a retard you're right.
  9. Maihym

    [request] 5.0 huds? and scripts

    Oh ok that'll be $300 PayPal
  10. Maihym


    This was over a year ago. I doubt you have anything to be concerned about. Just be strict with your server access even with your trusted developers.
  11. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Oh fuck bro you're right. I gotta make sure I don't break Arma's copyright and I don't use any of their commands otherwise I'm fucked. You're so smart man thank you.
  12. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Little changes? I don't think so but hey think whatever you want.
  13. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    HAHA so fuck off you know I made this smh
  14. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    Well I figured Nikko being the scam that he is he sold it to you. Also you do know Nikko is notorious for stealing code right? Also you do know that I used to work WITH Nikko and help him when he needed it. I gave him that code.
  15. Maihym

    [Tutorial] Removing Mission Side Code

    So you're telling me you bought copyright infringed code from Nikko who sold you said code? Nikko can't code if his like depended on it haha.