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  1. If you really want a cookie I'm down to do it
  2. Would anyone like to see this gif as a menu? I can make the basic setup but the rest would be up to you.
  3. Pm me if you guys still need help with this. I have a solution.
  4. Do either of you need help installing Arma 3 on Linux? I've done it many times.
  5. Replace the end of your function.hpp with this. class Toxic_Functions { tag = "Toxic"; class Toxic_Main { file = "core\Toxic"; class busMenu {}; class busStart {}; }; }; };
  6. Oh no I don't care about the player stats thing. I just think your script is shit haha.
  7. This is just fucking retarded. I would much rather use Xafloro's scripts than this.
  8. Sounds to me more like a personal vendetta but ok.
  9. Why aren't you remaking any of the mavericks scripts?
  10. Maihym

    Anti aimbot?

    Thanks for the aimbot script 😂
  11. Should I just encase all my doors and windows in concrete?
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