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  1. I know this has probably already been done, but I decided to optimize it and post it in tutorials. Let's get started, let's navigate to core/functions/fn_playerSkins.sqf and find the faction you wish to add invisible backpacks too, in this case, "west" (Police). Then add this code to the case: It should look like this: Now you're probably thinking, who would want this as a tutorial, no ones that stupid, but from what I've seen I think it's safe to say people don't know how to do this.
  2. Why is everybody so aggressive and ignorant on this forum, yeah I get you all to come from Arma 3 but you all need to relax, @XaFlaForo was just simply trying to help, if you don't have the intent to be helpful in any way don't bother responding. I'm sure @Deadlesszombie would agree with me.
  3. Here's your spoiler I didn't forget about you hehe, just need to code the sell all button and intergrate sell and buy item into the same input box.
  4. The name was thought of in about 10 seconds as I was quickly pushing them out, as well as the design was inspired by Googles libraries. I do appreciate the feedback, thank you. ❤️ Weapon store should be finished today or tomorrow too.
  5. Isn't that what a material design is haha, I've been doing front end design for 2 and a half years now and I'd consider it a Material design, obviously I added transparency so it doesn't look that material but never the less, the design is Material. 😉
  6. Well Identity which is basically the concept game of Altis life standalone took 4 years to get basically walking around and singing Karaoke done. So I've taken it into my own concern to make one with my team. Join our discord to learn more 😊 https://discord.gg/GJhHqHa
  7. My life is much better 😊
  8. I appreciate the help, as @XaFlaForo was saying it isn't really necessary and if they don't know how to edit the master config they should probably get a dev, but never the less I do highly appreciate the support!
  9. I couldn't say so just yet, I'm really busy as I'm the operations manager at fadedservers and the COO of an up and coming game studio which is making Altis life standalone, sadly we've made more progress than Identity in 1/12th of the time period. I'll try make time to get the Market and/or ATM dialog done within 6-7 days from now just for you. 😊
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