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  1. Why add the intro, if you want to add an option to pass it? Do not add it
  2. Hello today i will teach you to put a small video before spawn (Sorry for my english, and Happy new year :D) First, create a folder called "videos" in the root of your Altis mission ( You must place your video inside this folder! ) Second, go into the Functions.h file again at the root of your mission! You must then add the following : class Life_Client_Core { tag = "life"; class Master_Directory { file = "core"; class initCiv {}; class initCop {}; class initMedic {}; class setupActions {}; class setupEVH {}; class survival {}; class welcomeNotification {}; class introCam {}; // add this }; Then, go to your core folder and add a file fn_introCam.sqf Add this inside the file : /* File: fn_introCam.sqf Author: Brad */ ["videos\intro_preview.ogv"] spawn BIS_fnc_playVideo; After this , go to Dialog /Function and open fn_spawnConfirm.sqf And add this if(life_firstSpawn) then { life_firstSpawn = false; [] call life_fnc_welcomeNotification; [] spawn life_fnc_introCam; // add this }; [] call life_fnc_hudSetup; Do not forget! The video file must be in .ogv if you want to test it , you can download intro_preview.ogv It's the end intro_preview.ogv
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