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  1. Hello! Since i've grabbed so much from here i thought "Why not give something back?" and so i did with Malden gas station positions, but some people said i could write it into a tutorial, so here i am. I did this on 5.0 but it should virtually be the same. (This is also why the file structure is as it is) First off: This is time consuming, i will spare you from getting gas stations manually but most things you'll have to do yourself since it depends on how you customize the map. Please be aware that in this tutorial i will assume you've ported all map objects from Altis/Tanoa over to Malden. So i won't go in to explaining that. Please remember that everytime these coords show up in the tutorial: [5160,7071,0.75] You will need to change them to your own. We will modify these files in our progress in the map porting: 1. Let's start off with life_server, so unPBO that one, open up init.sqf and look for private _vaultHouse so you know you're in the right place. Now this all depends on how you've placed the federal reserve on Malden the next few steps, i did what I personally think requires little editing, as you can copy/paste a lot. But the first thing you're going to edit the _vaultHouse array. If you use the same building as there's being used on Altis you can just copy this line in instead of the one already there: Edit: I noticed i got an error with the code i had provided before, when it would get to _dome so this is my workaround: Comment out the altis, malden and Tanoa plus the _pos arrays. Then in _dome and _rsb you can put in your coords, so it will look like this: _dome = nearestObject [[5160,7071,0.75],"Land_Dome_Big_F"]; _rsb = nearestObject [[5160,7071,0.75],_vaultHouse]; Full: Also, you can remove this code from the init.sqf (Unless you want to spawn in 2 hospitals) Now we've finished the stuff we need to do in life_server. 2. Lets jump over to \core\actions\fn_captureHideout.sqf here it's also a quick is easy (if you use the same buildings as on Altis), example on how you will make this look: 3. Now let's go to \core\civilian\fn_jailMe.sqf in Line 43 (private _escDist) you can put in ["Malden", 60], after ["Altis", 60], (You can change "60" to whatever you want the escape distance to be) Example on how it will look: private _escDist = [[["Altis", 60], ["Malden", 60], ["Tanoa", 145]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort; 4. Let's go to \core\cop\fn_fedCamDisplay.sqf here you basically do the exact same as in step one, so it will look like: 5. Jumping over to \core\fn_initCiv.sqf - This file is what determines which buildings you'll spawn in, since there's most of the Altis buildings on the map you can just copy paste that line and change _altisArray to _maldenArray , after you've done that don't forget to add it into the _spawnBuildings. (Or just copy paste this) 6. \core\fn_setupStationService.sqf , this file is what starts the "refueling" process, i've found the location for some of the gas pumps, and i've included them in this codeblock. If you find more, please say so and i'll update accordingly. DONT FORGET TO ALSO ADD THIS INTO: private _stationPositions so it will look like this: 7. In \core\functions\fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf find the _vaultHouse line, and add ["Malden", "CLASSNAME-FOR-YOUR-BUILDING-WHICH-CONTAINS-FED-VAULT"] (of course change it) also add _maldenArray with the coords for where it's placed. Don't forget to also add this into the _pos. Example of how it can look: 8. \core\housing\fn_houseMenu.sqf - Here it's just like in step 7, so it'll look like: 9. \core\items\fn_blastingCharge.sqf - exact same as above 10. \core\items\fn_boltcutter.sqf - This is (also) the same as above. 11. \core\shops\fn_virt_buy.sqf - Here you'll add the buildings which you use for gang hideouts. Just like in step #2 Here's an example of how it will look: (You can find this on line 19) 12. \core\shops\fn_weaponShopBuySell.sqf - Here we will, like in step #2 add what building we are using as gang hideout, i'll once again show how i've done it: (Line number 32) 13. \Config\Config_SpawnPoints.hpp - Here we will add our spawnpoints. Remember that the class should be called "Malden". Like so: I know this tutorial is not as in depth as others, but that is because a lot of this varies with where you place federal reserve, which buildings you use for gang hideouts and all the other stuff. Also, if you don't switch to Malden remember that everytime "Malden" is mentioned anywhere in the code change it out with your mapname.
  2. I thought about it, but i didn't think it was a "Tut" really, but more something for General.
  3. These are the positions i've found for Malden gas stations. You can use these if you want to move Altis life to Malden. [8047,4023,0.04], [8042,4028,0.04], [8047,4035,0.04], [8052,4030,0.04], [8057,4037,0.04], [8052,4042,0.04], [7046.928,7050.492,0], [7046.633,7052.23,0], [7046.645,7054.43,0], [7224.214,7772.088,0], [7219.045,7769.033,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [7219.539,7779.958,0], [6632.977,8807.188,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [5505.307,3498.975,0], [503.614,3499.315,0], [5507.246,3498.496,0], [3230.448,6289.817,0], [3228.906,6290.520,0], [3226.764,6291.252,0], [5111.221,9061.996,0], [6633.137,8807.185,0], [10062.974,3995.058,0], [10062.730,3988.536,0], [11599.673,4477.188,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0] EDIT: If anyone have more, please respond with them
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