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  1. Hello! Since i've grabbed so much from here i thought "Why not give something back?" and so i did with Malden gas station positions, but some people said i could write it into a tutorial, so here i am. I did this on 5.0 but it should virtually be the same. (This is also why the file structure is as it is) First off: This is time consuming, i will spare you from getting gas stations manually but most things you'll have to do yourself since it depends on how you customize the map. Please be aware that in this tutorial i will assume you've ported all map objects from Altis/Tanoa over to
  2. I thought about it, but i didn't think it was a "Tut" really, but more something for General.
  3. These are the positions i've found for Malden gas stations. You can use these if you want to move Altis life to Malden. [8047,4023,0.04], [8042,4028,0.04], [8047,4035,0.04], [8052,4030,0.04], [8057,4037,0.04], [8052,4042,0.04], [7046.928,7050.492,0], [7046.633,7052.23,0], [7046.645,7054.43,0], [7224.214,7772.088,0], [7219.045,7769.033,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [7219.539,7779.958,0], [6632.977,8807.188,0], [7214.585,7776.88,0], [5505.307,3498.975,0], [503.614,3499.315,0], [5507.246,3498.496,0], [3230.448,6289.817,0], [3228.906,6290.520,0], [3226.764
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