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  1. True False... if I'm not mistaken there should already be scripts from other authors that allow you to carry the dead players. In the event, in the future I could, or others, create an additional script that allows you to transport or put a dead player in the vehicle. Unfortunately, at the moment I am busy with military competitions and I do not think I can concentrate on another script. Sorry, but I try to find a job too
  2. TITILE: [TUTORIAL][Altis Life 5.0.0] NPC Reviver DIFFICULTY: Easy DESCRIPTION: This script allows you to revive anyone within 10m of the "npc reviver". It can be used when there are no connected independents on the server and you have a friend who can carry the dead companion to revive him. Let's start with the tutorial... In "Functions.hpp", in "class Functions" add: class npcReviver {}; Create a new file named:"fn_npcReviver.sqf" in "core\functions" with: #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_npcReviver.sqf Authors: WitZ,Deadlesszombie,Cosiwell Description: Starts the NPC Reviver process on the player. */ private ["_npc","_deadList","_closestBody"]; _npc = param [0,objNull,[objNull]]; _deadPlayer = nil; _closestBody = 11; { _distance = _x distance _npc; if(_distance <= 10 && _distance < _closestBody) then { _closestBody = _distance; _deadPlayer = _x; }; } forEach allDeadMen; if(_closestBody > 10) exitWith {}; if(isNil "_deadPlayer") exitWith {}; _deadPlayer setVariable ["Revive",TRUE,TRUE]; [profileName] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_revived",_deadPlayer]; sleep .6; player reveal _deadPlayer; From Eden Editor, edit your "mission.sqm" and in the init of a new NPC created write: this addAction["Revive",life_fnc_npcReviver,"",0,false,false,"",'']; and place it where do you prefer (For exemple in Hospital). !-> END <-! I would like to thank @WitZ and @Deadlesszombie for the great help they gave me in making this script and that even if we do not speak the same language we have succeeded after many attempts, ideas and improvements to finally create something that everyone would like to have on their server. I would like to thank in particular the @Deadlesszombie who assisted me during the whole drafting of the script and who gave me useful information for the creation of probable future scripts.
  3. First, you solve the error declared in line 1023 Secondly, you resolve the error declared in line 1025 Third, you solve the error declared by line 1146 to 1151 (it's a single mistake, do not worry) Second, you solve the error declared in line 1184 (You did not follow the instructions for installing the Infistar until the end ... check all again) With all these errors it is not surprising that the database does not start, and then if you want an advice before moddating the server during the installation create it Vanilla and enter it to see if everything works. Only after install the infistar, re-enter the server and from then on you start to install your mods 1 at a time always testing their operation. From what I see it would seem that you have installed the server by inserting mod, infistar and script without assuring yourself before the correct functioning Vanilla version. Best regards from Cosiwell P.S .: If it is as I say, you will surely have also failed to run the file mq in the database because you have not even changed the user and password declared in the same file that can be opened by notepad ++
  4. You must enter in database of your server, then in the players section. Now you will have to look for the person you want to enable and change "cop_level" from 0 to 5. Best Regards from Cosiwell P.S.: to get a whitelist to become a policeman you have to be server admin not a common player who connects to a public server
  5. @WitZ Ok thanks a lot of Man!
  6. I do not know, I'm not so expert ahahah, thank you. In Italy it's 11:35 PM. Tomorrow I'll try to see if it works ... now I'm looking for a way to work another script
  7. @Deadlesszombie if I create a NPC with init: this addAction ["Revive Him", {[] spawn life_fnc_npcReviver;},"""",0,false,false,"""",' vehicle player == player && player distance _target < 10 && playerSide == civilian && independent countSide playableUnits != 0 ']; Can it work without using init.sqf ?
  8. in init.sqf of "life_server" ?
  9. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_npcReviver.sqf Author: Cosiwell Description: Starts the NPC Reviver process on the player. */ private ["_target","_zone"]; _target = param [0,objNull,[objNull]]; if (isNull _target) exitWith {}; _zone = player distance _target < 10; diag_log "hello you can see me"; if (player distance _target > 10) exitWith {_badDistance = true;}; //Too Far if (_target getVariable ["Reviving",objNull] == player) exitWith {hint localize "STR_Medic_AlreadyReviving";}; //Busy Doctor diag_log "i like pie"; if (_target getVariable ["Revive",false]) exitWith {hint localize "STR_Medic_RevivedRespawned"; life_action_inUse = false;}; if (!isNil "_badDistance") exitWith {titleText[localize "STR_Medic_TooFar","PLAIN"]; life_action_inUse = false;}; diag_log "Script made it this far"; life_action_inUse = false; _target setVariable ["Revive",true,true]; [profileName] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_revived",_zone]; diag_log "I hope this work"; sleep .6; player reveal _target; in this way? and then what should I do after restarting the server with the function set up this way?
  10. sorry but you can not try this script too and see why it does not work? if you need a dedicated external server I try to get you the chance to use mine that I have at home
  11. 1: This code is for Arma 2, I do not think it works with Arma 3 2: If this code is compatible with Arma 3 where I must add it? In the "fn_npcReviver.sqf"? And how? Can You give me an exemple on my script? In https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/diag_log the examples are not very clear for me.
  12. Ok, I tested it and I have added a missing ";" in "fn_npcReviver.sqf" at 12 LINE. Despite having fixed it... the script don't work and in RPT I don't have any error message. And if I use the script who use Infistar to revive? Can maybe it work?
  13. Thank you first for your time, and I apologize if I could not answer before now ... however now I install it on my server and kill myself through infistar and I'll see if the script really works. In case it should work well, I would like this script to work only if the dead player is in an area (hospital) and that a friend takes him to this area and goes near an NPC by starting this function (as well as assistance existing medical). It will be possible?
  14. sorry, I don't understand (with google translate I have some problem to understand you) , so npcReviver.sqf /* File: npcReviver.sqf Author: Deadlesszombie, Cosiwell Description: This calls the function to resuscitate when there are no independents connected */ []spawn { while{true} do { if (independent countSide playableUnits != 0) then { life_fnc_npcReviver; //check if this call fuction is correct please }; Sleep 300; }; }; init.sqf: [] call life_fnc_npcReviver; it's correct?
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