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  1. here you go, my files. Ammo menu does not work, and is commented out, something is wrong in there, but i did not fix it before buying infistar.. so still not sure what is wrong in it. the original readme is included, and will help you set it all up(there is a forum link inside the readme where all is explained) bear in mind, this is modified, and some stuff is not used, be sure to download the original to see what changes i have done. and what i have removed.
  2. try looking into "Fusion Menu" easy to modify to include your own functions, and works rather well so long as you have no anti-cheat other than battleye. used this before buying infistar, and works really well considering it is free. though i did get problems when adding more commands to a certain list(made a weapon list, ammo list and clothing list, where the ammo list stopped working, simply comment out things to debug what causes the error) if you learn exactly how it works, you can make a really in depth menu, with tons of functions. though it is still only a scroll menu, it will do the job good enough, even managed to get ban functionality into it, but could not make it only show to an admin(one who logged on to the server using "#login pswd") it can also rather easily add custom menu's to different admins, by simply making a few changes, i for one had ALL functions i added, while anyone else only had about 50% i can send you my files if you like, and still need it
  3. Working now, so my previous post, just ignore it, forgot i was testing a safe zone around odd places of the map, and i was in one of them every time i failed to get it working, so just ignore my ramblings.. it works as intended, though i did shorten the audio clip and the sleep timer in the script, to be more "realistic" so you have to act quickly to stop someone using it, but not instant(4 seconds instead of 8)
  4. det er dedicated ja, på en server i frankrig.
  5. followed this tutorial, but cops seem immune to getting restrained. any idea why, or how to fix this? want to give players the ability to take cops hostage..
  6. found a possible bug, but could be due to a script i have running, but just gonna post it here in case it gets relevant. bombs only damage myself, no other players take damage, so i can stand next to a guy, and the explosion does nothing to him, but kills me(and after adding a line of code for debugging, finding out its the set damage, not the bomb itself) thinking its my anti VDM script interfering, so gonna try and disable that, and see if it still happens. *EDIT* not my anti VDM script, was not even turned on... any ideas? *EDIT 2* just worked like it was supposed to, after the server was restarted... no clue what i changed, or what actually fixed it, but it seems to work now, will be back if it fails again
  7. nice one, did a modification to make it english, but will make it danish soon and have it on my server, works flawlessly on 4.4r4. i thank you for making it, and hope it is fine i modify it for my own purposes
  8. is it possible this could get updated to 4.4R4? having trouble getting it to work, likely code added in the wrong places.
  9. This server is closed as of the 20-may due to low player count, and server expenses becoming too much for the person paying the bills. it was a fun experience to have been a part of the server(as the guy paying the bills, and handling all scripting) a new server might be started at a later date, smaller and more focused. but that will be in the future. Thanks for this round.
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