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  1. I understand, but im not really a pro in code 😅 do you mean this? "[1,_spawntext] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_broadcast",_unit]; serv_sv_use deleteAt _servIndex;?" to [1,_spawntext] remoteExecCall ["reflective_tape_hide",1",_unit]; serv_sv_use deleteAt _servIndex; ?
  2. So how do do i make the correct string then?
  3. Did this but whenever i take it out of the garage, i still see on the Van Ambulance (C_Van_02_medevac_F") the red striping, and im trying to hide that. RPT : https://pastebin.com/3pyCxPTy fn_vehicleAnimate : https://pastebin.com/MztvygiF fn_SpawnVehicle : https://pastebin.com/C2gfnzz0
  4. https://pastebin.com/Dx2V95Yf All the way down there is a section sets of animations, i only dont know where to place the if statement with the ambulance.
  5. But how can i add this to altis life missionfile for example every ambulance van that spawn?
  6. Yes, i know the classes. But where do i put the classes in to hide options.
  7. Do you know where i can find the class name's? Is it in the mission file self or? cus on Arma 3 CFG the class name is "C_Van_01_transport_white_F" and that doesnt work.
  8. Hi community! I need some help with removing some small things on cars, for example the van, i want to remove for the police the bullbar and adding some passengers spots in the back. I know this is possible since in Eden Editor you can change the appearance. But i dont know how to in the missionfile. Thanks, tifo007
  9. Im using the framework 5.0 and i tried it, did not work for me.
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