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  1. not at home atm. I will be there later.
  2. derpcraft


    There people sick throw. you dont want certain people spawning there? You can go into your config_spawnPoints and add it so you have to have a certain license to spawn there. You can refer to the rebel shops to do so. If you want to make a custom license you can go into config_license.hpp and make a new one.
  3. Why would you want this? This would seem anoying. Maybe you can go into fn_PlayerTags.sqf and change it from there
  4. derpcraft

    Car gun dupe solve ?

    This is kind of an old thread but I believe he is trying to say that people are duping by getting into a vehicle. Dropping his weapons inside the vehicle and alt+f4 ing out. Its an old dupe I used to use.
  5. derpcraft

    Problem With Phone

    Did you make any previous changes. Also it looks like it it missing a ).
  6. derpcraft

    Seizing cars for cops

    You can use the cop crush script Script
  7. derpcraft

    Hawaii Map?

    So I am running an Altis Life server and I want to go modded. I am thinking of doing hawaii life. I know it has been done. I just dont think it has been done very well. I am a current resident of hawaii and have been for my whole life. I know every inch of Hawaii. None of them are very good. So I was hoping if someone knew of a good map (Oahu). If not does anyone know a good easy map maker.
  8. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

  9. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    Ok. Its cool. u ask him if you were able to modify the ATM?
  10. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    Bruh he got 166 million in the bank
  11. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    So the box where you put in your money is this https://imgur.com/a/44kYE I believe that the Money amounts are https://imgur.com/a/tJdix Also i would actually ask Matze Media before changing it I dont know how he would feel to have his stuff taken out.
  12. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    Ok I will update. I suggest moving the bank picture up and the cash up. Or you can go into the dialog and move the money down. You may have to use a GUI editor tho.
  13. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    Ok. I have changed the bank.hpp and it should now work. Noone is getting this error on the original forum post.
  14. derpcraft

    SETTING up client please wait

    So this can be a couple of things. You implemented a script that is messing with your server, you made your server wrong, or your description.ext is wrong
  15. derpcraft

    [Tutorial] Clean Modern Custom ATM Menu

    Oh yes. Forgot to add srry