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  1. Sorry for the delayed answer. That should be a Y
  2. Very mature of you I don't get your problem? I provided a suggestion for both scenarios.
  3. It's there. I guess that stuff doesn't show up correctly on phone my bad :< Never seen paste.ofcode.org before Sorry!
  4. 15:23:16 Attempt to override final function - rscunitinfo_script That's line 843
  5. I did take a look at the files. I was more confused about what you were actually saying cuz you menitoned that there was no button in garage but only way to insure was from garage :> just wanted it clarified Also is that like half of your rpt? I don't even see the init dialog
  6. People who chooses to cover more than just one way out of someone's problem. There was so many cases at that time of people asking how to disable it that I might as well cover it to this guy asking as well. After all spyglass IS optional. There IS an option in config_master to disable it. Why does config_master even offer it??
  7. So does the insure button show in the garage or not?:o i got this script working just fine on 4.4r4. Maybe you should retry?:) also remember to include .rpt logs next time! :3
  8. Sorry I think you read my post wrong I started off with a question asking if he wished to disable it. Followed by a "if you wish to keep it I suggest reading the readme file" nowhere in that message did I "recommend" disabling spyglass :3 I provided a suggestion for both sides. i most certainly do not recommend disabling it at all but if people wish to do that I'll gladly help them do it. It's their choice
  9. Do you wish to keep or disable spyglass? if you wish to keep it I suggest going into the spyglass folder and reading the readme file. if you wish to disable it completely use this; http://imgur.com/QCtBZJT
  10. Please don't post more than one post about the same issue.
  11. Could i have you add me on steam?
  12. Sounds like you missed to do step 3. This handles all the update of the hud whenever stuff happens (You take damage etc)
  13. @DEVIL666 @BeastDog666 What gang shops are you talking about? This script does NOT add ANY shops. Can you post your .rpt logs in a pastebin for us?
  14. @Monty McBristle In your statusbar.hpp file you see this line If you change that number that changes where your status bar is gonna be. Change the number and do some testing to see what exact number you want -- @Franco Drambuie I believe it already has cash in it? You see the %5 is cash which does this;
  15. Not really important or anything but i have 1 question. "Lighthouse" studio but why is your icon a diamond :>?
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