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  1. Thanks for your feedback . I think it was a problem with my hosting service as I was able to connect. And thanks for pointing out the different IPs, ill ask my buddy to change that ASAP!
  2. Indigo Altis Life Hey, just wanted to let everyone know about me and my friends new life server. Our main mission is to provide a great RP experience without the hassle of mods or whitelisting. We are launching on the 23rd and would like an active community to be behind us while we setup. Here's what you can expect if you give us a shot! Active admins Fairly active and friendly community Structured Police and Medic force 2.5 Million start to jumpstart your Indigo Life experince Balanced economy and prices Hardcore/Realistic RP experience New community and a fresh start 0 tolerance to rule breaking and admin abuse Updates every 2 days Last but not least ..... Fun! Thanks for reading, and remember to check out our server and make an account on our forums! You won't regret it P.S - I will be updating this post with screenshots of the map we are creating, progress is looking good. Thanks! indigoaltis.com
  3. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
  4. Hey, do you know how to delete the default HUD? It is overlapping for me. Love your work BTW
  5. Hm, textures aren't working for some reason. I put them in the textures folder btw
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