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  1. Okay at least the new owner knows. before dtox shut down there most recent update was that exact square. and prison, hospital, rebels....
  2. @Owens is it just me or does this look exactly like dtox map.... Even the little neighborhood by the parking garage caliber made. Signs in the same spot
  3. i think that sounds pretty sick especially if like the war was going on during it and they could join in not sure how that would work but
  4. 3/1/17 Update Added rebel spawnpoint Made it so gangs of 6+ can spawn at there gang base Added new vehicle menu More map edits Made it 1m Start Changed it so you don't need any dlc to join Fixes Fixed Krokodil processing Fixed spawns for cars Still looking for cops and medics
  5. Should put reasons why we should join And maybe a ip to connect!!!!!
  6. Update: Added New drug Krokodil requires 2 other drugs to make it Added towing Map edits Convoy missions Added some civ clothing and car skins Added CPR kit for civs at gang hideouts
  7. @Prophet Looks really nice!
  8. are you trying to setup a altislife server?
  9. nah it makes you know how you click on the weapon shop and select the gun you want and click mags its like that but just with accessories if you don't already have it
  10. Love this script thanks
  11. What about that vid though cant even make you're own
  12. Hello today i will show you how to add the accessories array to you're shop menu if you don't have it Step 1: go to core/shops and make a new file named fn_weaponShopAccs.sqf and paste this code in there. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_weaponShopAccs.sqf Author: Daniel Stuart Description: Set Weapon Shop in accessories mode */ disableSerialization; if((GVAR_UINS ["Weapon_Accessories",0]) isEqualTo 0) then { private["_weapon","_slotArray","_weaponArray"]; _weapon = lbData[38403,lbCurSel (38403)]; _slotArray = []; _weaponArray = []; if(isArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "CowsSlot" >> "compatibleItems")) then { _slotArray = FETCH_CONFIG3(getArray,"CfgWeapons",_weapon,"WeaponSlotsInfo","CowsSlot","compatibleItems"); { _weaponArray pushBack _x; } forEach _slotArray; }; if(isArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "MuzzleSlot" >> "compatibleItems")) then { _slotArray = FETCH_CONFIG3(getArray,"CfgWeapons",_weapon,"WeaponSlotsInfo","MuzzleSlot","compatibleItems"); { _weaponArray pushBack _x; } forEach _slotArray; }; if(isArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "PointerSlot" >> "compatibleItems")) then { _slotArray = FETCH_CONFIG3(getArray,"CfgWeapons",_weapon,"WeaponSlotsInfo","PointerSlot","compatibleItems"); { _weaponArray pushBack _x; } forEach _slotArray; }; if(isArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "UnderBarrelSlot" >> "compatibleItems")) then { _slotArray = FETCH_CONFIG3(getArray,"CfgWeapons",_weapon,"WeaponSlotsInfo","UnderBarrelSlot","compatibleItems"); { _weaponArray pushBack _x; } forEach _slotArray; }; uiNamespace setVariable["Accessories_Array",_weaponArray]; uiNamespace setVariable["Weapon_Accessories",1]; } else { uiNamespace setVariable["Weapon_Accessories",0]; }; Step 2: go to fn_weaponShopMenu.sqf and replace with. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_weaponShopMenu.sqf Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine Description: Something */ private["_shopSide","_shopSide","_license","_itemInfo","_itemList","_license","_flag","_exit","_level","_levelAssert","_levelName","_levelType","_levelValue","_levelMsg"]; _exit = false; _shopTitle = M_CONFIG(getText,"WeaponShops",(SEL(_this,3)),"name"); _shopSide = M_CONFIG(getText,"WeaponShops",(SEL(_this,3)),"side"); _license = M_CONFIG(getText,"WeaponShops",(SEL(_this,3)),"license"); _levelAssert = M_CONFIG(getArray,"WeaponShops",(SEL(_this,3)),"level"); _levelName = SEL(_levelAssert,0); _levelType = SEL(_levelAssert,1); _levelValue = SEL(_levelAssert,2); _levelMsg = SEL(_levelAssert,3); if(!(EQUAL(_shopSide,""))) then { _flag = switch(playerSide) do {case west: {"cop"}; case independent: {"med"}; default {"civ"};}; if(!(EQUAL(_flag,_shopSide))) then {_exit = true;}; }; if(_exit) exitWith {}; if(!(EQUAL(_license,""))) then { _flag = M_CONFIG(getText,"Licenses",_license,"side"); if(!(LICENSE_VALUE(_license,_flag))) exitWith {hint localize "STR_Shop_Veh_NoLicense"; _exit = true;}; }; if(_exit) exitWith {}; if(!(EQUAL(_levelValue,-1))) then { _level = GVAR_MNS _levelName; if(_level isEqualType {}) then {_level = FETCH_CONST(_level);}; _flag = switch(_levelType) do { case "SCALAR": {_level >= _levelValue}; case "BOOL": {_level}; case "EQUAL": {EQUAL(_level,_levelValue)}; default {false}; }; if(!(_flag)) then { _exit = true; if(EQUAL(_levelMsg,"")) then { _levelMsg = (localize "STR_Shop_Veh_NotAllowed"); } else { if(isLocalized _levelMsg) then { _levelMsg = (localize _levelMsg); }; }; }; }; if(_exit) exitWith {hint _levelMsg;}; uiNamespace setVariable ["Weapon_Shop",SEL(_this,3)]; uiNamespace setVariable["Weapon_Magazine",0]; uiNamespace setVariable["Weapon_Accessories",0]; uiNamespace setVariable["Magazine_Array",[]]; uiNamespace setVariable["Accessories_Array",[]]; if(!(createDialog "life_weapon_shop")) exitWith {}; if(!isClass(missionConfigFile >> "WeaponShops" >> (SEL(_this,3)))) exitWith {}; //Bad config entry. disableSerialization; ctrlSetText[38401,_shopTitle]; _filters = ((findDisplay 38400) displayCtrl 38402); lbClear _filters; ctrlShow [38406,true]; ctrlEnable [38406,false]; ctrlShow [38407,true]; ctrlEnable [38407,false]; _filters lbAdd localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_ShopInv"; _filters lbAdd localize "STR_Shop_Weapon_YourInv"; _filters lbSetCurSel 0; Step 3: go to functions.hpp and add. class weaponShopAccs {}; Step 4: go to stringtable.xml and add this under Global. <Key ID="STR_Global_Accs"> <Original>Accessories</Original> <Czech>Příslušenství</Czech> <French>Accessoires</French> <Spanish>Accesorios</Spanish> <Italian>Accessori</Italian> <Russian></Russian> <Portuguese>Acessórios</Portuguese> <German>Zubehör</German> </Key> Step 5: Add this to each one of you're shops in Config_Weapons. }; accs[] = { { "", "", , , "" } }; And your done i don't think i forgot anything if you need help post below.
  13. Implemented all of this and got it working 100% on the dedi. Looking forward to seeing you guys on there let me know if there's any bugs etc that you find
  14. @Repentz How can i make it so only medics can tow i want to setup like a mechanic roleplay?
  15. Update coming soon: Added Crafting System for weapons/clothing such as lynx and full ghillie suits Added many new resources for crafting such as steel cloth sulfur etc Fixed zip ties and seize items working for cops in the process of switching to a dedicated server for better performance and more slots. We still need medics and cops as well as lower ranking staff such as ts mod and moderators.
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