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  1. @!TS JORDAN why are you checking for the escorting var twice in the civ case? Oh and why aren't you setting any of these vars to false in the init?
  2. @MathiasKvia What changes were made to the main post?
  3. Confirmed working on 5.0+ .. +1 to whoever updated this from
  4. @ThaSillas I don't understand why you're struggling with a simple copy & paste, it's really not that hard to do. Place this: if (_x getVariable ["speaking",false]) then {_text = "<t color='#12cc12'>[Speaking] " + _text;}; Above this: _idc ctrlSetStructuredText parseText _text; ...
  5. That dynamic market is old and outdated. It's no longer supported.
  6. If you rename the mission, you have to define the new name in the server.cfg
  7. Follow the wiki, to see if you've forgotten anything. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki/Setup-Server
  8. If it's not logging, then that means there's no connection between your server and the db.
  9. Right, so you can connect to your server now?
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