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  1. Your issue is in your copInteractionMenu. You need to define Btn11 and Btn12
  2. or just dont try and use a script from September 30, 2016
  3. Moved this topic to the correct section.
  4. Wait this doesn't update the plate in the db? What is the purpose of this then? Just so you can setup a one time custom plate?
  5. Did you enable the 3D vehicle shop? There is 3D clothing and 3D vehicle shop. In different sections of the config.
  6. Very simply, in the life_server there is a file for spawning in vehicles. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but i think it was called something like fn_spawnVehicle or something similar. And within that file you can use an if statement and check the classname of the vehicle being spawned and if it’s a medic van, then run the code to hide the parts. Also, you’ll have to do the same thing in the mission file for a file called fn_vehicleShopBuy.
  7. I believe you need to find the animation name for the thing you want to hide and use the command animate to hide the specified part. *quick edit: You can find the name of the animations by using the following command. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animationNames ex. place down the vehicle in eden editor and name it truck, then play the mission and execute the following in debug copyToClipboard str(animationNames truck); then open up a text editor and press CTRL + V
  8. Do you have extdb3 enabled as a mod when launching the server? Also, do you have tbbmalloc_x64.dll and tbbmalloc.dll in the root directory of your server?
  9. Well if you want people to help, you need to give a little more. 1. Server logs 2. Client logs 3. Associated files. My guess is that you included the maverick file twice in the description. I can't remember what its called of the top of my head.
  10. I hope when you said you added ".pbo after "life_server"" you meant you packed it. Also you are having problems with your database, post your extdb3 logs.
  11. Well, sounds like you have a couple problems. If you want help, you need to supply your RPT logs, both client and server. Also, have the players requested ems before you tried to revive them?
  12. K thanks, i had a feeling. Was there any errors with the actually script itself?
  13. Ok, well fix all the other errors first, someone installed this last night on a fresh 5.0 server. I dont know what else to tell you, if you did everything correctly, then it would be working. But the other errors you have may be affecting this.
  14. Ok well, first things first, go through the tutorial again, making sure you copy all contents to the correct spot, then go fix all the other errors
  15. repost your rpt with the new config_master
  16. Have you properly added in the spawn points markers and everything?
  17. ok your master config wasnt setup properly. try this: https://pastebin.com/3TTiagSX
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