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  1. ToxicRageTv

    [Solved] An unexpected spawn on chernarus

    can you upload the following files to separate https://pastebin.com/ . Also i'm assuming you are using 5.0 Life_server\init.sqf MissionFile\Config\Config_SpawnPoints.hpp Replace your fn_initCiv.sqf with this:
  2. ToxicRageTv

    Multiple Game Breaking Errors

    +1 He said that he already contacted them and they had no clue.
  3. ToxicRageTv

    hello now i have a problem

    1. You posted this in the wrong section (I moved the post to the correct section) 2. You used _player which is an undefined variable. 3. change _player to player
  4. ToxicRageTv

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    @Deadlesszombie get him
  5. ToxicRageTv

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Clothing Store UI

    ok that's what i figured, i was just confused by the whole "Altis life standalone" like i though you were making a game called altis life
  6. ToxicRageTv

    [TUTORIAL] Material 3D Vehicle Store UI

    i'm don't think it was meant in a derogatory way.......
  7. ToxicRageTv

    [TUTORIAL] Speaker/PA announcements

    add a trigger
  8. ToxicRageTv

    Mr. New's TeamSpeak Icon Pack

    then up the max icon size
  9. ToxicRageTv


    yeah understandable. Like you said it was just time consuming and then redoing all the remoteExec's for the sides (like when you remoteexec for the side like west, civilian, independent)
  10. ToxicRageTv


    what do you mean by handle it? So everyone loads in as a civ and it reads the initCiv then when the cops/ems go on duty it reads its own init file kinda like the copInit or medicInit. Then when they go off duty it does the opposite sorta
  11. ToxicRageTv


    Well basically i just went and made a variable called "side" then for every side check i just changed it to a get variable.
  12. ToxicRageTv


    lol yeah thats what i was thinking!
  13. ToxicRageTv


    Yeah if i wasn't already working on my server i might have joined up but yeah. And yeah my server has the all civ slot too its really not that hard to do. So many people have pm'd me asking me to give them files for it lol
  14. ToxicRageTv

    link to my rpt file

    how would that help?