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  1. You use the built in "damage". Also in the impound action there is an if statement checking if the vehicle belongs to the player or not. You can just change the value that gets added to the bank account.
  2. Yeah that's a known issue. The only way to combat that (to my knowledge) is to change the name of the mission file when you make an update.
  3. Oh if it's a "Tank" then you need to modify the "fn_storeVehicle" to check for tanks too.
  4. Are you buying or renting? Does it only happen with this particular vehicle?
  5. Is the spawn point close enough to the NPC?
  6. I took a look at what you sent and it only says you bought it. Does an error popup when you try and store it?
  7. Yeah the linking doesn't matter, it's just looking for the name of the individual playable unit. Are you sure that the person trying to join the nato slot isn't whitelisted?
  8. This is what you should have removed for the life_server\init.sqf Also it appears that you need to add life_nato below these:
  9. Are the "nato" slots called cop_20 - cop_24?
  10. According to the server rpt there is an error in your life_server init file. Make sure you removed the for foreach loop properly
  11. It kinda depends what framework version you have. This will be written assuming you're using that latest 5.0 version of the framework. Adding Nato rank So you said you modified the query to fetch the nato rank (I'm assuming you mean the query in life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_queryRequest.sqf), did you assign that to a constant in the Altis_Life.Altis\core\session\fn_requestReceived.sqf? In your fn_initCop.sqf the if statement is wrong. Right now it's saying "if you aren't playing as cop_1, cop_2, etc then check if they are whitelisted. This was added into the framework to allow for "public cops" which means they don't have to be whitelisted to play as a cop. If you don't want public cops but want to check for nato then you could use something like this (keep in mind i don't know your use case so you will probably want to edit this): LINK In 5.0 this is something that is built in my default, you actually pay to impound your own vehicle. Altis_Life.Altis\core\actions\fn_impoundAction.sqf You'll need to provide some logs for this Check life_server\init.sqf you can search for something like "hospital_1" and there should be a forEach that creates the building. You can simply remove that forEach if you no longer what the hospital buildings.
  12. Why do you think we will help you with this?
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