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  1. @john_65wadwada654 Did my response help or do you still need a hand?
  2. So the first thing you're gonna wanna do is setup a loop. Personally i've always just used forEach. But for this example since you want to delete it would be best to use a for loop _array = [ ["754656456464687", 8412.0, 51], ["7546789797946857",964, 50], ["7541231313334687",5412, 50] ]; for [{_i=0},{_i<=(count _array - 1)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _cur = _array select _i; if ((_cur select 2) > 50) then { _array deleteAt _i; diag_log "Deleted an element!"; }; }; diag_log _array; So this is using a basic for loop. It starts at the first element of the array, and works it's way through all elements till it reaches the end. If i'm not mistaken, the issue with using forEach here would be that while deleting an element, while accessing all elements, it will mess up the ordering and could miss elements or produce an error. Ex. if I have an array of ["a","b","c"] If I delete the item at index 1 ("b"), the item from index 2 ("c"), will now get shifted into the index 1 position. Since the forEach loop already accessed the item at index 1, it will now move on to index 2 which no longer exists.
  3. This is not required but is highly suggested. Using this little template will allow us to assess your problem/question easier and provide a faster response. How to get help Briefly explain what the issue is or what you would like help with. Simply saying "help it won't work" doesn't offer much information and we won't be able to help you. In addition to explaining the issue, please state your framework version. Pastebin your Client, Server and extDB logs. Please upload these files even if everything "looks ok". Client RPT logs are located in "%localappdata%\Arma 3" Server RPT logs are located in your server directory. The exact directory depends on how you launch your server. (Below is an example from TADST) extDB logs are located in "@extDB3\logs\YEAR\MONTH\DAY"
  4. Are you trying to loop through the entire array or are you only looking for a specific uid?
  5. Bandages ToxicRageTv Description This is a simple bandages script that allows players to buy and use bandages to heal themselves. You can either use the bandages by going to your virtual inventory, selecting a bandage and pressing use, or you can use the hotkey of SHIFT + 0 (zero). This includes a config file so that it can be tweaked to you liking. You can change things like bandaging time, the amount of health received from using a bandage and more. 1. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\config\Config_vItems.hpp" and ADD class bandage { variable = "bandage"; displayName = "STR_Item_Bandage"; weight = 1; buyPrice = 750; sellPrice = 350; illegal = false; edible = -1; drinkable = -1; icon = "icons\ico_bandages.paa"; }; * After adding it to the config you will need to add it to a shop 2. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\Functions.hpp" and ADD the following under class Items (around line 260) class bandage {}; 3. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\config\Config_Master.hpp" and at the VERY BOTTOM ADD #include "Toxic_Config_Bandage.hpp" 4. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\core\pmenu\fn_useItem.sqf" and ADD case "bandage": { [] spawn life_fnc_bandage; closeDialog 0; }; 5. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\core\functions\fn_keyHandler.sqf" and ADD //Shift 0 (zero) case 11: { if (_shift) then { [] spawn life_fnc_bandage; }; }; 6. Open "Altis_Life.Altis\stringtable.xml" and ADD the follow under the package "Life_Items" <Key ID="STR_Item_Bandage"> <Original>Bandage</Original> </Key> 7. Go to "Altis_Life.Altis\core\items" and CREATE a FILE called "fn_bandage.sqf" 8. Go to "Altis_Life.Altis\config" and CREATE a FILE called "Toxic_Config_Bandage.hpp" 9. Download and move the file "ico_bandages.paa" to "Altis_Life.Altis\icons" And that should be it! Please let me know if there are any problems and when asking for help pastebin your client/server logs. ico_bandages.paa
  6. I haven't used this script in a while but when i did i used this: private _exit = false; private _busSign = (nearestObject [player,"Land_BusStop_01_sign_F"]); for "_i" from 0 to 30 do { _temp = 30 - _i; if ((player distance _busSign) >= 15) exitWith {_exit = true}; hint format ["The bus will arrive in %1 second(s)",_temp]; _i = _i + 1; sleep 1; }; if (_exit) exitWith { hint "You left the bus stop"; };
  7. well, take a look in the file and i think you can figure it out. hint: Look at the following class RedHighlightLeftSelection
  8. No problem, glad we could get it working.
  9. You're calling the config_master.hpp twice #include "config\Config_Master.hpp" #include "config\Config_Master.hpp"
  10. post your new description.ext please
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