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  1. Yo we aren't on youtube. We really do need support member as a matter of fact, so get your facts straight.
  2. Getting this error 15:11:01 Error in expression < _list = []; private _units = []; { nil = if (side _x isEqualTo civilian) then {> 15:11:01 Error position: <= if (side _x isEqualTo civilian) then {> 15:11:01 Error Reserved variable in expression 15:11:01 File life_server\Functions\WantedSystem\fn_wantedFetch.sqf, line 19
  3. If you got something to say, go ahead and say it @AlaskaVet.
  4. What is that supposed to mean @AlaskaVet?
  5. Tired of abusive admins and annoying excuses for RP? Come and join a family ran server (me and my brother) on Red Flag Gaming. We took everything from our 3000+ hours of combined arma 3 experiences and put them into a server for people to love and feel welcome. RP is our main priority over all other stuff. We are currently looking for cops, meds, and supports. We would love to see you guys; if you wanna come talk to us our TS is If you wanna go play on the server our IP is Server Ip: and Port: 2302. We hope to see you there!
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