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  1. Connor[obs.erve.me]

    FreeCandy Van Skin

    Dear Community, I've appreciated all what this community has done for me. So this is why I'm sharing a fun van texture. Images: FreeCandy.paa
  2. Connor[obs.erve.me]

    What do you make of that? Arma 4 leak?

    At first I was like wtf is this graphics mod, but then ...
  3. Connor[obs.erve.me]


    Welcome, I'm curious about your walking paper. Is it your pet?
  4. Connor[obs.erve.me]


    Greetings Altisliferpg community, I would like to start off by thanking each and everyone of you for your great work in improving the Altis Life community and upholding that scripts should be free. Now, we've all heard about Maverick's applications they're the best script you can publicly buy/get. Me having owned multiple communities before in multiple games knows Garry's mod has this marketplace for sellings scripts redirect. Brings experienced coders to the Altis Life community. A lot of new scripts. Professionality and competitivity. Negatives: Scamming. Leaking. Toxic children (which already exist). Sincerely yours, Connor. NOTE: I don't condone the selling of scripts. NOTE: This site has been a huge help and I would never want this to go to shit.
  5. Connor[obs.erve.me]

    Looking for person(s) to Dev

    Assuming this position has been filled. Due to Discord link being removed a second after I've joined. Sincerely yours, Kim Turtle