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  1. Currently looking for a developer to help complete an ArmaLife project and launch a new community.The mission file is non-modded but we do use custom models housed in the mission file itself. We primarily require an SQF scripter but other experience is greatly appreciated.Maturity is more important than experience to us as we want to work with someone reliable, the project is almost complete and has been in development for over 8 months. The project houses many custom scripts and at this time only needs some polish, a few minor features, and quality of life improvements. We are not gathering a
  2. What If I re-done the GUI and re-do a little bit of the coding? If not then I'll have to find a GUI for the Vehicle shop what looks the same or just replace the entire Garage GUI with a matching Shop GUI I guess
  3. Would I be able to make a Shop Dialog from the Garage Dialog If I just replace the texts and change up the impound.hpp a bit so it works?
  4. I don't have a Folder could Config, This is the only one missionfile/core/config and thats it! By the way I LOVE THIS SCRIPT Except for that I can't find the Config File!
  5. I Can't Find the config_vIteams.hpp anywhere in my Mission File can anyone Help?
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