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  1. I hav following Problem: When I connect as Cop and reconect to the civilian side I have no money on my bankacc anymore. So every time when I swich from Cop to Civ I lose all my money. The other way work fine... so when I change from Civ to Cop Mike
  2. Hey, I have a very stupid question.... How to konfigure this System exactely? I konfigure it already but I'm confused. The Min price I'm set doesn't work... So can anyone can give me a better description of all these params? Mike
  3. Then your roundRandom.sqf isn't in this folder
  4. This works but now I have following error: 22:03:10 Error in expression <KET_UseExternalDatabase) then {[1] call TON_fnc_HandleDB;}; DYNMARKET_UpdateCoun> 22:03:10 Error position: <TON_fnc_HandleDB;}; DYNMARKET_UpdateCoun> 22:03:10 Error Undefined variable in expression: ton_fnc_handledb 22:03:10 File life_server\Functions\DynMarket\fn_config.sqf, line 116 22:03:17 Error in expression <ON_fnc_HandleDB; }; }; sleep 5; [] call TON_fnc_sleeper; > 22:03:17 Error position: <TON_fnc_sleeper; > 22:03:17 Error Undefined variable in expression: ton_fnc_sleeper 22:03:
  5. I have an Error: Warning Message: Script core\DynMarket\fn_DYNMARKET_getIcon.sqf not found And when I look in the folder the file isn't there. Where is it?
  6. Sehr geehrte Community, heute möchte ich euch einen neuen Tanoa-RP-Sever vorstellen. Dieser Server befindet sich momentan im Aufbau sodass immer neue Sachen erstellt und geändert werden. Was euch bis jetzt schon erwartet: - Farmrouten wo man selber die Entscheidung treffen kann was das Endprodukt ist - neuartige Farmrouten und spezielle Feature - freundlicher- und hilfsbereiter Umgang - Events - Handel, Geiselnahmen, Banküberfälle, Raub - große Auswahl an Skins für Boden-, Luft- & Wasserfahrzeuge W
  7. I have an normal Tanoa Life Server. We are also a very funny community. Server name: [GER] Phoenix Squad Tanoa Life Server Website and Teamspeak: phoenix-squad.de
  8. I tried to runn this in V5.0.0 but I have an problem when ei want to connect as opfor it says: Received request from server... Validating... and in my rpt log it only says Unaccessible. I go throug every file that have do something with db and set all east cases. Can anyone help me?
  9. Is there a way to make this functional for V5.0.0?
  10. Change the case of the key to: case 24: { if(_shift) then {...
  11. Nothing at the Game itself. But you need extDB3 for the new Arma 64bit version.
  12. Yes Must the class name of the license the same as the class name in the processfile?
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