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  1. Error is that in your description.ext file in your mission file you need to set the extdb config which should be "altislife". And in extdb_config ini there should be a section called [altislife] if not set it to that, and after that line there should be info about your db connection.
  2. Phantom Entertainment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Features: Many modifed altis life systems Police uniform textures for all ranks Preformance optimization Better Dialogs Server sided changes Placeables for Police & NHS Anti-Hack filters, idd whitelist, battleye, CfgPatch check Always active Community lead(s) A few small systems like Bug reporter Improved player sync Auctions Dyn Market Modifed Website Join our teamspeak server And alot more, the community and our game server is currently under development and we are in progress of making it is not ready but is online for players who want to join.
  3. @J.Swanson, Maybe you should have some server information like ip, screenshots and get some kind of playerbase before asking for staff members to join your community.
  4. @toll3r124Annoying how people are that stupid and come to a development website insted of going to that community's website and asking there. Probably a 12 year old
  5. @Sir Custard Of Cream, The server isn't that stable. I joined it earlier of today and i saw all the script errors upon join (show script errors option). Just saying you should fix all those script errors before adding new things to your mission file.
  6. @Shyricaus._I_. Haha, but late but just copy and paste this in the right class onButtonClick = "closeDialog 0; createDialog ""life_something"";";
  7. You've got to have your external IP and port forward the RConport.
  8. @SmokeyTheBear, You've got the wrong bit version of the extdb dll. Please find the right one for your server executable
  9. @RazorzBlvck | kickback.com, In your icons folder
  10. @- HardyBoy | csgolabz.com, I don't know if i am releasing that
  11. In the common.hpp, i wote put the life_RscInvinsibleButton before Life_RscButtonMenu. It was the opposite. You have to put in after it
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