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  1. If you think its any good i'd probably release it but i got to work on it a bit more first. ArmA 3 2020.01.26 - (online-video-cutter.com) (1).mp4
  2. Error is that in your description.ext file in your mission file you need to set the extdb config which should be "altislife". And in extdb_config ini there should be a section called [altislife] if not set it to that, and after that line there should be info about your db connection.
  3. Phantom Entertainment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Features: Many modifed altis life systems Police uniform textures for all ranks Preformance optimization Better Dialogs Server sided changes Placeables for Police & NHS Anti-Hack filters, idd whitelist, battleye, CfgPatch check Always active Community lead(s) A few small systems like Bug reporter Improved player sync Auction
  4. @J.Swanson, Maybe you should have some server information like ip, screenshots and get some kind of playerbase before asking for staff members to join your community.
  5. @toll3r124Annoying how people are that stupid and come to a development website insted of going to that community's website and asking there. Probably a 12 year old
  6. @Sir Custard Of Cream, The server isn't that stable. I joined it earlier of today and i saw all the script errors upon join (show script errors option). Just saying you should fix all those script errors before adding new things to your mission file.
  7. @Shyricaus._I_. Haha, but late but just copy and paste this in the right class onButtonClick = "closeDialog 0; createDialog ""life_something"";";
  8. You've got to have your external IP and port forward the RConport.
  9. @SmokeyTheBear, You've got the wrong bit version of the extdb dll. Please find the right one for your server executable
  10. @RazorzBlvck | kickback.com, In your icons folder
  11. @- HardyBoy | csgolabz.com, I don't know if i am releasing that
  12. In the common.hpp, i wote put the life_RscInvinsibleButton before Life_RscButtonMenu. It was the opposite. You have to put in after it
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