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  1. {LIT}Marley{LIT}

    Bringing Back the OLD A2 Life Feel! (Emita Life!!)

    Sorry bout that TS:
  2. {LIT}Marley{LIT}

    Bringing Back the OLD A2 Life Feel! (Emita Life!!) TS
  3. Hello All! I'm here to introduce a whole new life server! Have you ever had those times when you wanted to just go back to Arma 2 Life because of all the RDMers, Glitchers, and even hackers!? Well, we have the community for you! Here at Emita County Life, we introduce strict roleplay, it's hard to get high caliber guns, and of course... A whole new map! The icons (Shops, Garages, PD, ect) are all placed in the exact same position as the old Arma 2 mod! Incase you haven't caught on by now, the map is Emita (Screenshot of map http://i.imgur.com/Y74nxBO.jpg%3F1). We have a nice community with the average player on the server of about 10-15 people on at once. I hope to see you on the server sometime soon! EDIT: FORGOT IPS XDDDDD TS: Community Administrator, Marley
  4. {LIT}Marley{LIT}

    [TUTORIAL] How To Add Zipties - Video Walkthrough

    Ok, will try it out!
  5. {LIT}Marley{LIT}

    [TUTORIAL] How To Add Zipties - Video Walkthrough

    Its not for 4.x.