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  1. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    Tutorial: Mark ATMs automatically on map

    you have to insert these lines into the files. At the beginning these files are empty but I have more system, so some costumers already have some lines in these files. As a result I can't write that you have to overwrite these files.
  2. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    Altis Life needed Addon

    You don't need to download any addon for an unmodded altis life server - just join a server and download the mission.
  3. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    Tutorial: Mark ATMs automatically on map

    Today i'll show you a quick tip. I'm sure some of you asked yourself how to mark all ATMs on the map which are placed by default on the map. Here you go: /* File: fn_atmMarkers.sqf Author: B4v4r!4n_Str!k3r ([email protected]) Licence: THIS FILE AND EXTRACTS OF IT IS THE MINDSET OF CATIONSTUDIO AND ONLY AUTHORIZED PEOPLE/SERVERS ARE ALLOWED TO USE IT. Description: Marks all ATMs on the Map */ if (!isServer) exitWith {}; // default atms on map _atms = []; { if(["atm_",str(_x)] call BIS_fnc_inString) then { _atms pushBack _x; }; } foreach nearestTerrainObjects [[0,0,0],["HIDE"],30000]; { _marker = createMarker [format["%1_marker",_x],visiblePosition _x]; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; _marker setMarkerType "loc_Tourism"; } foreach _atms; It's not very performance friendly, but it works. And you only have to run it once on server start - so there should be no real performance problem. So how to run the code? Either you add the code to your life_server and execute it via execVM in your init.sqf or you install ,if not already done, the cationCoresystem.zip and download atmmarkers.zip, then copy the folder atm in <mission>/cation/ and insert #include "atm\functions.cpp" in cation_functions.cpp and #include "atm\config.cpp" in cation_master.cpp and #include "atm\remoteExec.cpp" in cation_remoteExec.cpp - all right! If you wish to mark also your self placed ATMs on map, enable it in the config.cpp
  4. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    【Course】Manufacturing goods, guns, etc..

    Thats true, maybe i also should add "orginally created by EdgeKiller" but I have ported it to 4.4 and fixed some stuff. And at the time I wrote it, I thought it's enough to credit sebi
  5. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    【Course】Manufacturing goods, guns, etc..

    thanks at @AlaskaVet and @AmaZiinG @hjyydkl122 i have nothing against that you rewrote this tutorial in english, but please credit me and sebi1106 and before ask him for his permission:
  6. B4v4ri4n_Strik3r

    RemakeLife | Modded Chernarus

    you only need to change the buildings/coordinates of the buildings in life_server/init.sqf and in /core/items/fn_boldcutter.sqf of your mission