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  1. Im getting the same error @Wackbatt and @JimBob0121
  2. Why am i loosing Rebel when im going to jail? What to do? @suffer4real
  3. Can you send me your Config_Licenses.hpp and stringtable.xml ? @pacman
  4. Have you addet it to the "stringtable.xml" ?
  5. Is your problem the taser @JayJay?
  6. @life_server; @ExtDB2; @yourmodname Copy paste it and change @yourmodname to the modname of your server
  7. Getting this error: 12:02:55 Warning Message: File mpmissions\Mango-Gaming.Altis\description.ext, line 180: /CfgFunctions/Life_Client_Core/: Missing '}'
  8. I know i can put this code: player addEventHandler["GetOutMan", {life_curWep_h = currentWeapon player; player action ["SwitchWeapon", player, player, 100]; player switchCamera cameraView;}]; in the fn_setupEVH.sqf but thats not with a timer @HappyDuckie
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