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  1. Got a Windows logo, split it in to 4 parts like so: Then I have a for loop that goes 6 times like this: for [{_i = 0}, {_i < 6}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { _metro1 ctrlShow true; uiSleep 0.2; _metro1 ctrlShow false; _metro2 ctrlShow true; uiSleep 0.2; _metro2 ctrlShow false; _metro3 ctrlShow true; uiSleep 0.2; _metro3 ctrlShow false; _metro4 ctrlShow true; uiSleep 0.2; _metro4 ctrlShow false; }; After the for loop is finished, I have all 4 images fade out using ctrlSetFade, then I have a final full image of the logo fade in at the same time (image below) and also immediately fade out.
  2. Tiny progress update! Added a lock screen -- It's not much at the moment, but I'm hoping to fill it with stuff soon. ArmA_3_2019_08.04_-_03_23_53.01_1.mp4
  3. Small update - Been tinkering with a few things like working time display, a loading screen & an actual texture for the phone. Again, none of this is final. Comp_1_1.mp4
  4. I've been working on a Metro-style design/overhaul for Altis Life's Y Menu. This video shows off the color customization available to players. Please remember this is a work in progress, so nothing is final (this is a bare-bones version). If you have any suggestions as to what would be good to put on the phone, feel free to let me know! Comp 1.mp4
  5. Also, I'll need to see your fn_requestReceived.sqf, fn_updatePartial.sqf and fn_updateRequest.sqf.
  6. Could you please log in as medic and post your client-side RPTs?
  7. Never had a problem with Zare personally. DDoS protection was on point when I had a server from them.
  8. Alright, thanks for the clarification!
  9. In your server config. There's an array of virtual items (saved_items?) that you must add the debit card to. Although I'm sure I have already done that.
  10. If you found the solution, could you please elaborate on what the issue was? Was it my script?
  11. If you want a U.K. Based server - https://zare.com/dedicated-servers Every day of the week.
  12. I'll hopefully be getting back in to ArmA soon so I will be taking another look at these scripts and may possibly update them. Thanks to those who have been helping people with problems while I wasn't here.
  13. Yup, like I said every class name (not the string that appears in the menu) is in alphabetical order in the menu config. That's why it's probably a bit confusing.
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