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  1. Also, I'll need to see your fn_requestReceived.sqf, fn_updatePartial.sqf and fn_updateRequest.sqf.
  2. Could you please log in as medic and post your client-side RPTs?
  3. Never had a problem with Zare personally. DDoS protection was on point when I had a server from them.
  4. Alright, thanks for the clarification!
  5. In your server config. There's an array of virtual items (saved_items?) that you must add the debit card to. Although I'm sure I have already done that.
  6. If you found the solution, could you please elaborate on what the issue was? Was it my script?
  7. If you want a U.K. Based server - https://zare.com/dedicated-servers Every day of the week.
  8. I'll hopefully be getting back in to ArmA soon so I will be taking another look at these scripts and may possibly update them. Thanks to those who have been helping people with problems while I wasn't here.
  9. Ignore this. It doesn't really cause any issues from what I remember.
  10. Yup, like I said every class name (not the string that appears in the menu) is in alphabetical order in the menu config. That's why it's probably a bit confusing.
  11. useItem.sqf https://hastebin.com/tijeyaluji.bash removeItem.sqf https://hastebin.com/oredisohey.vbs Try them and let me know how it goes. If it still doesn't work, please post both client-side and server-side .RPTs.
  12. Have you made any changes to the federal reserve yourself? There's no need for this to be in the script: _dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Offices_01_V1_F"]; Because _pos has not been defined. If it was defined you'd basically be defining _dome twice because this is already in the script: _dome = nearestObject [[16548.8,16952.9,0],"Land_Offices_01_V1_F"]; Please remove _dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Offices_01_V1_F"]; from the script and test it.
  13. Error in expression <ices_01_V1_F"]; _dome = nearestObject [_pos,"Land_Offices_01_V1_F"]; for "_i" > Error position: <_pos,"Land_Offices_01_V1_F"]; for "_i" > Error Undefined variable in expression: _pos File life_server\init.sqf, line 170 You have a few issues in your init.sqf -- Which is where the federal reserve is set up along with the doors. I need the init.sqf from your Life_server, not your Altis_Life.Altis.
  14. Please post your life_server\init.sqf along with your RPTs & I'll take a look.
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